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Video for analysis, (3-23-03)

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Ski video for your comments.

Video Clip 1
Video Clip 2

Quoted from the Skier in the video

Day was beautiful as you can see. Okemo is very flat, this was I believe a black rated trail. Not very steep.

Working on short radius truns. I see I forgot what my hands are for!

This is the first time I've ever been taped. I'll be interested in the comments, both good and bad.

Snow was frozen granular, but very edgable.

The skier wishes to remain un-identified for now.
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Try singing to yourself to get a rythym going, and you'll do much better. All the mechanics are there, it just needs some "art".
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I know the trail at Okemo. Nice cruiser with the ridges. Skier is having fun and has nice smooth movements.

Similar issues seen in both clips:Hands, Rotation, Shuffling.

Hands low(dragging poles) gives false sense of balance. In Clip One (17 seconds in), you are using the poles for support...you're sitting back, leaning on the poles. The other turns, using the poles for lateral balance and turn assistance. In Clip Two, (13-17 seconds in), hands low (and back) seem to be forcing a "reverse shoulder" look(Stein Eriksen)...counter rotation, causing you to rotate your upper body to the right to start your next turn(to the left) ...rather than pivoting your feet underneath you.

So... hands...a little higher and square with your hips/shoulders. Exercises... hold the poles at the outside of the tip and handle(reaallll wide) at chest height. Imagine your upper body/hip forming a triangle...keep it pointing in the same direction. Drag (if this is who I think it is) something behind you and notice that your hips and hands are "locked" in a position during normal turns (slipping will cause some variance).

Rotation of the upper body to turn rather than using flexion/extension. Clip Two (13-17 seconds in). Discussed above.

Shuffling from the "old school". Clip One (14 seconds in)you can see you shuffle your tip lead before the fall line. Going back to the Hands... if you pivot your feet beneath you, your hips/hands are straight down the hill when your skiis are even tipped in the fall line. Seen also in Clip Two (13-17 seconds in).

So... shuffling...practice on beginner terrain... make turns from the 11 to 1 o'clock position being "neutral" at the fall line. Some people do this by "pulling back" their uphill ski at initiation (not pushing the downhill forward!!!). A better way (I think) is to get your center of mass over your pivot point. (refer back to clip one 17 seconds). Stand in your ski boots on the floor in "skiing position". Your weight probably feels like it is over the "center" of the foot...your arch. Shift your belly button a few inches forward(flexing ankles)...did you fall yet? Just befroe you fell....that position...now take it skiing. You will find you are over the pivot point of the ski. After doing 11 to 1 o'clock turns, increase your range of motion to eventually be 9 to 3 o'clock turns. (not hockey stops...turns!!)

Although I don't like to do this under normal skiing conditions...every now and then...look at your ski tips at the fall line to see if they are neutral.

Well, I've said a mouth full. Skier....enjoy....other commentators... have a go at it.
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For the record, Okemo is flat, but not that flat! The trail is either Sapphire or Heaven's Gate, both of which are sort of greenish blue, but definitely not black.
nice smooth skiing though.
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Just bumping up to the top now that ski season is winding down. Hoping now that all those instructors that didn't have the energy after a day of MA/teaching to take a look might now be itching for a little more.
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It won't open...is it just me? :
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It opens fine in Windows Media Player 7.01.

The skier doesn't seem to be having fun (too stiff). Number one priority IMO. Could it be performance anxiety in front of a camera?
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I apologize if this question has been asked before but, how and where can you upload video to post it on this site? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I just upgraded to Windows Media Player 9, and I still get just sound and perhaps 4 still shots that change periodically.

What am I doing wrong? I'm not on dial up anymore either. :
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What is your computer configuration, Operating system, version, Browser and version, video card, how fast is the computer, etc.

What kind of connection do you have?

You might try right clicking on the link and select "save as" or "save target as" and then try playing it from your local drive. If you are getting the sound stream, and a few still pictures, it almost sounds like something is "slowing down" your connection or that the computer is under powered to play the clips. By loading it on the hard drive (save as) you might be able to play the whole clip.
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I have no idea what all that means, dchan, but I am on Mediacom cable internet at 22Mbps, using Windows 98 (that's probably the hoseup), and some things DO come through. I'll try your idea, thanks.
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Bonni - I can NEVER get any but the quicktime ones to open... but I am on dial-up
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