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One Fix creates new problem

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I had some work done on one of my boots because I needed more room for my big toe so they shortened the footbed a liitle and also made it a little thiner under my toes to free up some space.  Also stetched the shell a little bit as well.  Problem now is I have a new pain spot on the inside ankle bone, it is not super painful and actually have been skiing with it like this for a year but I am curious what could be causing this and potential fixes?  I am guessing that my foot is now positioned differently and forcing that ankle bone to be pushed more inside.  Any insight?


BTW boots are speedmachine 14 

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do you have custom footbeds in your boots?(if not---get some custom footbeds)---if you over pronate when loading that foot your medial malleolus (inside ankle bone) may impact the inside of the boot---if this happens in every turn---well you get the picture).   OR you may have a bigger anklebone on that side---get the boot stretched in that area.




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I do have a custom footbed and I did not have this pain until they did the combination of shortening and thinning the footbed under my toes in addition to stretching the shell at the big toe.  I am wondering if this changed the position of my foot in the boot enough to cause this new pain.  Would it be best to stretch the boot at the ankle or alter the footbed to change foot position? 

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I don't see how making the changes at the toe would affect the ankle unless your toes were so cramped up that it prohibited your ankle from pronating...ouch!  Why did they shorten the footbed?


I would probably grind or stretch the ankle area.

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My big toe was extremely cramped, this foot is almost an entire size bigger than the other so I bought the boots based on the smaller foot with the assumption that I could make the small one bigger.  The footbed was a little long so they shortened it a little to provide more space in the toe area.   It seems like my ankle lies right on the part of the boot where there is some sort of rivet that allows movement between the upper and lower part of the boot.  I can go back and see about stretching the ankle area. Thanks!

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