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49 Degrees North & Steven's Pass 2009

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Skied 49 for the first time on Friday of President's weekend. My impressions - fun cruising runs, excellent moderately pitched glade runs (but no powder on hand), decent sized area, slow chairs, lacks real expert terrain, & great family place. Thanks to Ted and Loren, the mtn hosts, for showing my wife and I around the place. Best of all was the fact that I stayed in a friend's cabin a 1/2 hour away (we will return!).



Our ski cabin for the weekend.

 Our Ski Cabin


 The boys on the porch

Tried to edit the title to just reflect 49 degrees only, but couldn't figure out how to do it.

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Yep slow chairs but the glade skiing is really good sorry you didn't have any powder.  Smiles though!

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49 is a nice little area, and inexpensive, too!


Do your friends rent out their cabin?

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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post


Do your friends rent out their cabin?


I'd be in for a piece of that action too!  I like 49 - 'specially them glades! 

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Hmmm....yeah, he probably would rent it. But I'm not so sure I want to pass that on to him...I may lose out on some ski weekends next year.

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That place was WAY steeper when I was a kid!


Thanks for the video!


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 49n is a great area!  My parents live down the road in Colville: Whitewater is not far away either and much steeper, as is Red.  Good skiing around there, beats the heck out of Flatchelor.



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There are some steeps there...just didn't bother with the hard snow. I do believe the expert ratings on the few runs we did were a bit inflated. I don't recall ever skiing a black diamond that was groomed.


We did Red on Valentine's day Saturday. That was our 2nd time there and had about the same conditions as late Dec. 07. Back then we also did Whitewater for a day (w/red white card). That seemed like a looong drive, but maybe we went the hard way - skied red, overnight in casltegar, day trip to white then back to castlegar (but side-tripped to Ainswoth for a after ski soak), then back to red before returning to Colville for a night before returning to Seattle. 


We kind of fell in love with the whole area with the scattering of ski resorts around - plan to do Schwietzer next time (been there before, but it's been awhile). In fact, we are doing some shopping around for some land to do our own cabin thing. We have partial ownership in a condo at big sky but would sure love something a bit closer for some long weekend getaways.


Flatchelor...that's a good one. I've never really seen the appeal there as well. Reminds me of an expanded version of the minnesota ski areas I grew up on - a bunch of runs fanning out but no real character or pitch.

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