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I JUST started skiing this year(at 38 years old)...and of course..had a few bone head wipeouts....BUT my worst one was 3 weeks ago, going slow, and my binding didn't let go, and my knee twisted BAD....instant swelling and tearing.....nice! I have recently found out that not only are the skis we bought for advanced skiers (narrow waist) Dynastar contact st09., but they work wicked when i am carving down the hill.....but when i go on leisure runs with the when i get caught and go down like a sack of wet cement! Obviously due to inexperience...I am little too aggressive for a newbie(blues and blacks are done frequently), and possibly skis are WAY to good for my level of skiing. Here's the question: I have Nordica Gransport Dual boots.....they fit nice...BUT should i be "cranken them up" or leave flex in em???? Two buddies have different opinions.....SO what "should" they be tight to the top, or semi-tight with the tops being flexible??? When i did my injury crash (which i am still takin it easy), the boots were tight and i actually thought i broke my lower leg where the boots NOW i woder what i should be