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The thrill of victory!

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Last week I was the fastest NASTAR gold racer in the country for my age.

Now, I am the slowest guy in the 60-64 national Platinum division.

I guess that is progress in my 3 year racing career (been skiing for about 50 years but never raced).

But it feels a little bit confusing.

I could have gone to the Gold nats and done pretty good.

Now all I can do is watch.

Now I see why people sandbag.

Still, it is good to know that I can bark with the slowest of the big dogs.

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The breakdown between all medal divisions is an arbitrary calculation and a few hundredths of a second on a single run can move you from first in Gold to last in Platinum.  You and I are in the same age group.  Last year I competed in Gold at the Nationals and had pretty good success.  This year I'll be competing in Platinum.  Obviously the competition will be a lot tougher but I'm looking forward to it.  Give some thought to competing.  The whole event is professionally run and the experience is wonderful.

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