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2008 Blizzard Skis x07

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I am looking at CraigsList for a new never used pair of these skis and bindings (never mounted) to go out on the Ohio piste.  I am 41, 6'2" 185 and these are 167 cm skis.  I like them at $300 and that they will fit in my car so I can chase the kids around the hill.  If I go out west I might bring them but switch to demos for epic days.   Before I regret spending the money I would like a few quick hits back...in case you don't know the ski here are the stats: 


The Blizzard XO 7 IQ offers boundless opportunities to skiers in the intermediate Allround segment. Featured with the fully integrated IQ System and its 72mm platform under foot, the XO 7 is a reliable partner on all slopes. Terrain: All trail conditions and steepness
Speed: Fast to Medium
Sidecut: 122 / 72 / 105
Length: 143, 151, 159, 167, 175
Radius: 13 m (159 cm)
Construction: IQ Sandwich Integral

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I'm not an expert by any mean and I only visit this forum to learn from those who got the experience but I'm a bit surprised that you (and many others of your height) are even considering 167cm skiis.


I guess I'm an old school guy .....







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Too short. A 177 is only 4 inches longer, surely they will also fit in your car.

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I am not surprised by your surprise.  I am compromising for a few things, that is what is for sale and I am cheap.  It is for little hill skiing in Ohio, I want to fit them in the back of my trailblazer with all my kids skis.   I rented 160's on Sunday and it was fine except when it started to snow and the conditions changed, the skis nearly stopped on the mildly flat terrain.  Like I almost fell as a result of this.  Could short length have anything to do with this or is it more likely the shitty bottoms of the skis/wax combo?

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You can find as good of deals on skis more appropriate for you in used demo racks or in the Gear Swap.  Go buy a bigger car or a roof rack if they don't fit.

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