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Vail Feb 14 - 21, 2009, Trip Report

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Well if I don't get this trip report going with the few barren  pics I have, Old Boot isn't going to be quiet.  So I'll start one and hope for better pictures later when Bazzer and Deliberate 1, who are both continuing their ski trips else where this week, return with their pictures.  I had a problem with my pictures.  Each time I saw snow up on the hill (each morning accept one there was 4 to 12 inches of snow at the top of the mountain lifts), I forgot I had a camera and went skiing.  So....I have 0 pictures of the fresh snow but eventually, when done skiing out the fresh stuff, I'd remember I had a camera and grab a couple pictures.


Day 1 - Arrived in Denver!


So we made it to Denver, picked up our car on a lovely day and headed up the mountain.  My desktop weather had called for witner storms in Vail but not Denver, so we were hopeful the road would be open, no chains needed and we would get to Vail.  We departed Denver and headed for Vail in Sunshine.



As we got closer to Vail the winter storm the weather channel was speaking of was trying to materialize.  It barely reached Vail but did get alot of the higher altitudes.  We drove through a piece of it over the Vail Pass and the next mornings Skiing would grace us with close to 12 inhces on the upper slops of Vail's front face and bowls.  Our very first run appeared to be down through a few gently sloped trees off of the main lift from Vail Village, but we quickly discovered that under what looked like a smooth run covered in light fluffly powder were hidden many small hard bumps.  The fresh snow sure made them easy to ski though and was a good warm up for the day.  As I mentioned earlier, I have no pictures of this snow, I forgot upon the sight of any fresh snow that cameras were a possibility.  Bazzer, maybe has some shots when he returns.


18 Minutes to Vail and the weather is holding...


First sign of the storm being spoke of....


And then  we really get in to it, just 10 minutes from Vail (Yesssss!)


We arrived around 5:30pm and received a call from Bazzer and Bazzer Jr to meet for dinner.  Where else would a couple from South Carolina want to go for dinner but to a wholesome BBQ.  We had Carolina style,. pulled pork sandwiches for dinner, Of course.  Moe's BBQ was a happening spot.

(Bazzer and Bazzer Junior below)


Old Boot enjoying BBQ!


That pretty much summed up day 1 and we went off to our rooms to await the first day of skiing tomorrow.  I'll continue to add to this as I get pictures ready.  Old Boot has just called and asked me to go golfing.  So until later when he gets back on me, I started.



Day 2:  February 15, 2009, We finally get to ski!


Well, we went up the lift and we had really nice fresh snow to start the week with.  We met up with Deliberate 1 and Mrs.  Deliberate 1 at the Vail Village Base.  Bazzer was going off to ski with a few friends, I believe to do the chutes at Beaver Creek, but that seemed a little agressive for Old Boot and myself on our first day in the mountain Altitude.   As it turned out, none of us was overly affected by altitude and we had a great first morning in the snow.  First run being the snow covered bumps.  Interesting what you feel underneath a layer of fresh snow! 


Okay, so about noon, Deliberate 1 decided to stop at the Boot Lab and get some adjustments done.  I'd already skied at least my usual Eastern daily vertical by this time and had a few sore toes (I sometimes get this).  I stopped in to see how Dave (Deliberate 1) was making out and took off my boot to nurse my toes back into circulation.  That was my mistake.  With in minutes I was up on a bench beside Deliberate 1 with some young fellow assuring me i just needed a golf ball (round blue lump) in the middle of my foot bed to relieve the pressure on my toes.  I then wasted a half hour that day and a couple hours in the next two days trying to get new excruciating pressure out of the ball of my foot, until we just removed the golf ball (arch support) and all was good again, accept some minor, occasional, sore toes.  He was a very nice fellow and gave me some really nice thin smart wool socks too, when he removed the golf ball from my boot. 

 (Lady Salina and Deliberate 1)

Sore Feet


Now I should add that this boot lab did great things for Deliberate 1 and adjusted Canting for Old Boot which helped them both.  Old Boot is thrilled with the results he's gotten, and I'm not upset with the service at all, it was a good try that just didn't work.


Day 3:  Sunshine was the order of the day.  Old boot and I meet up with Bazzer in the morning and we just go ski.  We had our first sighting of Vail Sno Pro on skis this morning.  We chased him down a run but we never quite caught him to confirm our suspicions.  Bazzer has pictures though.


We headed up the hill and Bazzer decided he'd like some pictures in mild bumps for the first run and then  we did a fast groomer for a warm up.   There was about 2 inches of fresh snow but that was it.  We mainly spent the day after the the two runs pictured below out at the Blue Sky Basin finding yesterday's left over snow.


Bazzer skis down to get some pictures.


Old Boot calls to me to go (but he was too soon and Bazzer wasn't set up!



Bazzer and i warm up on a groomer


Tomorrow, I have pictures of Old Boot, Clive (Indy Hokie?sp), and Jon Wills who we met for dinner.


Day 4:  The trip report grows! 


We met up with Clive and Bazzer to ski day 4 with.  Clive (indyhokie) started the day at what he called an agressive level 6 to 7 skier.  He ended the day at level 8.  With some tips from VSP in the afternoon and chasing us down the moguls and trees in the back bowls, I'd never seen such a difference in skiing from start to finish.  Wish I had before and after videos.  What a great day. 


The day started at 8:30am with another unconfirmed sighting of VSP.  We chased him down the hill in the near white out conditions that would come and go all day.  VSP relayed a saying to us about Vail Mountain "If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes."  Today pretty much held that saying true.  From sun to white outs to sun all day long.


Of course, the pictures are only taken when the snow is at bay.  No one wanted to risk their camera's in the wet white out conditions.  Clive wasn't a bump and tree skier at the start of the day but by the end, with a few tips he was skiing anything we went on.  Great guy and we had a great day.   We drove Clive home so he didn't have leave at 3pm and could continue chasing VSP around Vail until the lifts closed at 4pm.  Jon Wills was planning on meeting us today but circumstances prevented it, so we met up with him at dinner in Brekenridge that evening.  Jon had skied Brekenridge that day but it had been cold and wiind blown, and did not get the snow we got at Vail.


Old Boot(blue and yellow) giving tips to indyhokie(Gray and Black), discussing how to get down the bumps.


Bazzer (in red) heads down to take pictures (hopefully to come)!

Bazzer in Red


Indyhokie goes for it!

Indyhokie going for it


Old Boot follows suit.


Indyhokie finishing his bump run, looks pretty happy with it.



Dinner with Indy and Jon and Old Boot (left to right) in Brekenridge.


Day 5 and Day 6:  I lost these days. 


I have no pictures from Day 5 or Day 6 (Wednesday and Thursday).  Trust me, we did alot of skiing.  Did some more skiing with Deliberate 1 and Ms. Deliberate 1, and Bazzer of course.  We just got so into the skiing we forgot the camera was with us.  I know Bazzer got some good pictures of everyone so hopefully he can fill in the holes for these days.  We did some afternoon skiing with VSP on Wednesday (day 5) and all got tips and we skied fresh snow in the morning.  I have one picture of Bazzer coming through a bump run in the morning with the little fresh snow on it. Deliberate 1 had me follow him into a bowl and tried to talk me into Lovers Leap.  Now i'm home I wish I had gone, but at the time, I just told him I didn't love him enough to follow him over  yet.  The cornice I did follow him off of was so much easier then it looked and I didn't even really get air.  In hindsight, I should have done the leap but that's alot easier to say from my desk chair.  I'll do it next time i'm there.


VSP was terrific, gave each of some well needed tips and made a huge difference to some of our skiing.  Thanks again.  Though, I am under strict orders to make sure all are aware that these supposed sightings of VSP were all unconfirmed.


Bazzer in a little snow Thursday morning.



Day 7:  The final Ski Day


We met up on Day 7 with Indyhokie and his troop of friends (Natalie 1 & 2, Tiffany, Eric, Dan) and Bazzer for the morning.  Bazzer got us all off to a good days start, as usual, by  heading to some itermediate terrain on the Back Bowls that everyone could handle.  Old Boot and myself somehow lost them all for the morning and then met up with them again after lunch to finish out the day.


Terrific group of people.  We played around on some front side bumps in varying terrain, in rather icy conditions (no snow this day, was much like good eastern hard pack).  Indy's buddy's got some ski tips from Old Boot and myself and we dragged them through some of their first bumps and trees this day.  Everyone had a great time.  Old Boot and myself were so sad at the end of the day to have to head home to pack .  Well here's the picks from Day 7.


Lady Salina, Natalie, Tiffany, Eric (from left bottom hill to top right corner)

The whole Gang


Dan and Eric get some tips from me on how to make it down with bumps (crossing the hill)

Follow me


Eric hanging in there.


Getting more fluid.

Catching on


The rest of the gang.  Natalie, Tiffany, Clive (from bottom of hill right to top)


A really fabulous week.  Special thanks to Bazzer for showing us all Vail has to offer and motivating us to not stop for lunches all week.  We had a fabulous time with all the bears and great people we met and deffinitely want to head back again to do all the runs we missed this trip.  I feel like I made real friends on this trip, what more could I ask for.

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Great TR!  Wish I was in Vail right now....

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Hey, Lady Salina, who is that charming young man with the awesome stash sitting next to you at the boot emergency room. Oh, that would be me. Great to hear your report. Me and Ms. Delib 1 are still on the Rocky Mountain High. Was an amazing trip, an such a pleasure making turns with you, the Old Boot and Bazzer. Got 24" of concrete pow here in Maine a few days ago. But I will be off to Deer Vally tomorrow for four days. Best two weeks of skiing in my short 40+ years of skiing. Best to the old man.


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Oh Man

Desperate1 is going skiing again all next week.

Have fun Dave, wish I could go for anouther week.

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Double post, see below

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Nice, keep it coming

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Originally Posted by Old Boot View Post


Oh Man

Desperate1 is going skiing again all next week.

Have fun Dave, wish I could go for anouther week.


Hey, Old Boat, who's the "desperate" 1?

I'll be floating in Utah pow while you are singing yer eye brows....

Warms regards to the skier in your family.


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Skiing seemed amazing! I am jealous :)

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Still Skiing in Jackson. Got a borrowed computer for a few minutes so thought I'd chime in. Great to ski with so many Bears in Vail, and have met up with several more here in Wyoming. Skiing too much to make many photos, but will attach some images to TR's when I get back home.


Way cool TR Lady-Salina.


Turned some of my ski club buddies onto Epicski, and there are now a few of my local friends posting up on the forum.


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