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Line Mothership

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I'm looking at this years mothership.  What Im wondering is should i get the 195 or the 185?  Im 6 foot 3 and 185 pounds.  Im an expert skier.  Ive heard from people that i am to short and too light for the 195s.  Is this true?

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The Mothership is a pretty stout, heavy ski.  I would definetly think that you are tall enough for the 195, weight wise, I think both would support your weight fine.  I mean , I'm an agressive advanced skier (220lbs) and I have the prophet 100 in a 186, and it's totally fine.  I would say it really depends on what you are planning on skiing.  If you are going to mainline and carve big lines in open bowls, maybe 195.  If you are going to want a little more nimble feel and ski trees or tighter places, I'd say 185.  The mothership is the stoutest ski in Line's line.   I actually have been e-mailing one of their R&D guys asking for a powder ski, the size and pefromance characteristics of the Bacon, for heavier guys like me.  He told me to demo the 185 motherships. 

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Thanks to the rockered tip, I'd recommend the 195.  I'd say you're plenty big enough for the 195.  I'm 6'1" 150 and would probably go with the 195.  It really depends what and how you ski.  Fast and wide open - 195.  Trees and billygoats - 185.

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 I was just wondering because I am getting a big mountain powder si prob prophet 100's, but how big/heavy would you need to be to ski the 185 mothership?  
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 I am around 200 lbs, 6'1", and the 185cm Mothership is damn near perfect.  They are heavy to carry, but I never noticed the weight while skiing, despite the fact that they are far heavier than any of my other skis.  The upshot is that they behave very well if you get them on hard snow -- good damping and stability.
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Heck, I'm 5' 10" and I can buy the short thing for me but who is calling 6' 3" short.........

Anyway, the operative thing here is really (#1) your skiing style and then (#2) your weight.  I know, I know..........most folks will say weight is most important but in this case, it's not. What is most important is what you expect out of the ski (hence the importance of style)

If you expect to comfortably straightline main chute at SVUSA then the 195 is the choice whether you are 160# or 190#. OTH, unless you are truly an exceptional skier, you will not find that same ski to be nimble and comfortable in tight trees . BTW....exceptional is different than expert (there are very many of the latter and very, very few of the former).

I have skied both, appreciate them both and really like the 185. For my 200#  that is the size that could work for any conditions and speeds that I will encounter in Tahoe. However, I am not an exceptional skier.....just a good one.

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 Thanks guys, I am still going to get the prophet 100's because I am a little guy (5 foot 7 130).  But it was good to get some comments from people who skied the mothership
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