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ski pole length

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This is my first year not renting skis.....what length of poles is good for someone 5'6"?? i have heard so many different ways to test it???
also for my husband, he is 6'1"
any help would be great!
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Without looking at my poles i'm not sure what the measurements are, but a good way to check for pole size is: turn your pole upside down, so that your hand is underneath the basket. Hold the pole out in front of you with your grip touching the ground. If your elbow makes a 90 degree angle or slightly above then you've found a good match. I preferably like my poles on the slightly above 90 degress. I think it makes pole planting quicker and easier. Hope ya find what ya ned!
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Goode makes poles that are adjustable. Buy them according to the formula Lbrother1 provided and you can "fine tune" them up or down.

The grips did not come off as easily as they were supposed to ..... by loosening a set screw. I had to put them in a door jamb and give a hard tug since they used a bit of glue.

If you have to cut them down just do a little at a time........

...... Larry, Moe and Curly ....... Hey! I cut these poles three times and the're still too short!........

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