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shin pain after lunch

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Several times I've gotten sharp, crampy pain in the muscle in my shin (tibialis anterior, I think), as if my boot is way too tight or something. But it isn't. It usually (maybe always) happens after lunch. Any ideas?


I'm in Lange WC120s with Boosters. ... I unbuckle during lunch time (not all the way).

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Bumping to see if anyone knows what causes this ... in Whistler at the end of Feb, those muscles actually cramped up on me, fully, while I was skiing. It made it hard to turn, to say the least. It happened not after lunch, but after skiing a bit and then riding the Peak 2 Peak gondola (ie, a break in action out of my skis).


At lunch I took off my boots and extended my ankles; seems like dorsiflexion is the culprit.


The funny thing is that since then, it hasn't really happened at all. I think that around the same time this alleviated, I started buckling my instep buckle, as the boots were too tight there to buckle for the past season and a half (without cutting off circulation), but obviously have been packing out.


I'm thinking this is all related, but I don't quite know how? I would like to prevent the cramping in the future ... understatement!

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