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PSIA National Academy?

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I'm thinking about going to the National Academy at Snowbird, April 19-25. Anyone else going?

Anyone been before? Was it fun? Was it worth it?

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I've been to six, they were fun, they were worth it, but sometimes the snow that late was either marginal, or frozen coral in early AM and boot top monkey snot by noon. But then, a good opportunity to work on tactics for variable conditions. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Just like my thread posted a month back!
I'm still thinking of going, but am watching Utah's season before committing, given the expense...
Paying $3000+ aus to ski on carp is not attractive! But things might change.
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I'm thinking about going too. Can anyone say what's on the agenda? Do they take full advatage of Snowbird's terrain? I'd hate to go out there and spend a week on groomers....
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They will use all avaliable terrain, appropriate to the level of group designations.

The Academy Staff varys the group split definitions some from year to year, but last one I was at defined top two groups as:

Group-Z (Zero Brains): For a warm up run they would take air into Great Scott (Very steep dbl-blk diamond bumps w/rock features). Just shut up and ski all snow and terrain, hard, fast, all day.

Group-Q (IQ): Ski pretty much all the same stuff as Group-Z, but with intelligent consideration of tactics and pace.

Other groups were geared more around preference for more groomed terrain and/or more discussion.

So if it is your goal, get in a group that wants to ski all snow, all terrain. However, for anyone new to Snowbird, all snow all terrain at the Bird is a Richter scale notch above that of most other ski areas, especially with late spring variable conditions (we are not in Kansas (or Colorado) anymore Toto). Just be sure to understand what you might get yourself into, as each group becomes interdependant on its members not holding everyone back for the 'ol safety, fun, learning thing to work for everyone. (not aimed at you Epic, but general info).

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The feeling has worn off! Especially with the season not being spectacular, and the late date they hold it. It's a huge cost for ordinary skiing. I'll go next year, while I'm actually in the US (and paying with US $, it hurts too much having to double the cost of everything).
I like Snowbird, but some of the challenging stuff is a tad scary, cliffs and stuff.

I'll spend the time and money fixing my achilles tendons. And getting those X-Waves stiffened.
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Check in with Carol Levine in the training dept.

At this time, there are at least 8-10 from Vail going to the National Academy.

Probably wouldn't be too hard to get hooked up with them. After all, it's only 6hrs from Vail to SLC.

Have a great time there. It really is a blast!

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OK guys, deadline was Monday. I signed up, did anybody else?
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nope. even though the season is improving, the cost is putting me off. I'll be there next year. Probably.
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In the end, I decided against it for cost reasons. It's one of those things I'd like to do, but I just can't do it this year.
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