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Is there something wrong with my new skis?

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Ok, I've been lurking around here for a while, and now I have a question so here goes my first post.


I've just gotten into doing my own tuning this year, and I was just waxing my new skis (Head Monster im82s if it matters) and saw something somewhat troubling.  After making the second pass with the iron, the pattern of the edges was visible in the wax.  I'm referring to the zipper like teeth that attach the edges to the rest of the ski.  I don't think the iron was too hot.  I had it set between 130F and 135F which is what the wax specified and didn't leave it sitting in one place or anything.  The one thing I think might contribute is that the skis seem slightly edge high (don't have a true bar to check it with) which would probably help heat up the edges faster.


I don't think I did any damage.  After scraping the pattern was gone and the bases were smooth.  It seems like the edge pattern was just in the wax due to uneven heating.


Is this a symptom of a major defect in my new skis?

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My head Monster 88's and Mojo 94's also do that. I have a digital iron so i know what the iron temp is. and I use Swix fiberlene sheets as a l;last step. Your skis are fine! No way could you ruin your skis in 2 passes unless


1. You had the iron way, way too hot (The wax would be smoking, It never should)


2. you let your iron sit in one spot on the ski too long.


one thing that really helps protect your bases is to crayon the was on before ironing it in. Place the end of the wax bar against the iron and crayon the warmed wax on & then iron in. this puts an instant protective layer between your Base & the iron and you use a lot less wax then dripping it on!


My experience is that Head skis particularly the wider skis 82,88 94's come with too much base bevel. I sincerely doubt you skis are edge high unless you had them stoneground and have no rebeveld the base edge.


My experience has been they are anywhere in the 1.5 to 2.5 of base bevel range.


Do yourself a big favor and get them tuned to a proper 1 base 3 side edge.this will trnasform the performance of the ski!

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Thanks for the help.  I haven't had them ground yet.  I suspected they were a little edge high just from the way the wax was melting, but that assumes the iron is flat.


After taking them out on an icy night (my other skis would have been better for this, but you have to take out the new toys ) I did redo the sides to 2 degrees.  They came with a 1 degree side.  Didn't bite at all.

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Totally normal, don't worry about it a bit. 

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In some cases the skis continue to cure and their shape changes after they leave the factory...in other cases the factory tune isn't very good.


Take your skis to a good tuning shop where they can use their flat bar to tell if the bottoms are indeed flat.  If not, have them tuned. 

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