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boot fit issues

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I had a rather oversized tecnica modo 10 (size 30.5) boot that was just too large for my foot - so on a friend's advice I decided to visit a reputed local ski and boot shop specialty shop.  Since I heard great reviews about them from a number of people I decided to spend some $$$ - but my experience has been painful and I am about to give up on my boot fitting with them.  I will not name the store as the people are  friendly and accomodating and I am sure they mean well - also it could be that my feet and ankles are a bit too wierd.


My specifics:

6', 205lbs, actual foot length/width 30.5 cm/10cm. Bowlegged, narrow feet, morton's toe (2nd toe is longer than the big one).  Last year towards the end of the season, I got fitted on a size 29 dalbello krypton pro 2009 model with custom footbed.  I have been back numerous times to the shop(not on mountain) with various problems. 


First it was the right big toe banging.  That got fixed - then the left inner ankle started hurting.  After that was fixed the left foot 2nd toe started banging real hard - the  nail is all blue/purple but that problem is fixed now.  Then an instructor told me to get the boots checked as my balance on each foot was very wobbly - (just standing on one foot and skiing down a very gentle groom). The boot fitter then put some heel lifts and did some shell grinding etc. on the outside.  Now I find that as I pick up speed on a gradual slope with both feet parallel, the left ski starts to get into a wedge and I have to fight hard to keep it straight - (but the right ski keeps a straight line as it should).  Just to be sure I tried the above with 2 different pairs of skis but the same behavior manifests


Also for the last few trips my right foot 2nd toe would pain excruciatingly after about 10-15 mins of taking my boot off(after skiing for a few hours).   To this I discovered today at home that there was some shell material that was coming off the inside of the boot in a kind of a lump and was probably pressing into my 2nd toe. 


While this painful and incovenient boot fitting goes on, I am thinking of getting another pair of boots -   there are some good deals out there so I could get a boot  in 30.5 mondo - atleast I should avoid the toe banging issue and something narrow like a Lange fluid series with a 90/100 flex.  I am not racing out there but just need something that is comfortable and performs well in groomers, powder, bumps and steeps.


Appreciate any feedback.






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difficult to know where to start, have you read the wiki at the top of the forum and done a shell check???


my first thought is the material that came off the front of the inside of the shell is grind waste that they did not vac out and it has compressed into the end..YEP that would put pressure on the toe...sounds as though you need a proper alignment assessment to see what is going on, i would suggest seeking out someone who can do this then seeing the result..... i would not go to the bigger boot yet, it will just take you back to where you were...where are you based, there is a list of recomended fitters at the top of the forum also


good luck

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so now all the pressure points are gone, and you just have a balance issue?

the shell fit is right?  (please measure and tell us)

you have added a non-stock footbed?

had the boots upper cuff aligned?

tried with more/less forward lean?

do you have a difference in leg length?

better with the heel lifts in?

dont be scared of doing stuff to only one boot,  the balance is only off on one side anyways


sounds like the 30 will be HUGE on you,  and your foot will bang around causing more pain, pressure points and a loose of control. 

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thanks CEM and mntlion for your quick feedback! much appreciated.


 My shell check at home shows its about 6-7mm clearance  wearing the ski socks on(thin variety).  However the boot fitter seems to think it is a little more - could be that I curl up my longer 2nd toe in the shop as I am probably prone to that over the years.  Note that my reading is from the 2nd toe making contact with the front of the shell and not the big toe( as I've seen advised on some boards).  Also my 2nd toe is about 3-4mm longer than the big toe.   Above measurement is after whatever shell expansion has already been done.


I am guessing that after the excess shell material is removed from the right 2nd toe area - that there should be no further pressure point.  However both my 2nd toes are somewhat bruised and I am hesitant to ski with these boots till they are more healed. 


I've tried without the heel lifts and with/without the custom fastech footbed (just the manufacturer's provided) and the left ski tracks much better. I also feel my balance is much better without the custom soles. 


Upper cuffs have been aligned (if you mean the canting) - that seems to be good.


Leg length is same - no difference.


With the heel lifts in I think it added to skewing the pressure on my left boot causing it to wedge when in a straight run (upper part of the foot is a very tight but not uncomfortable fit in the boot)  - therefore I think I will do away with the heel lifts for sure when I am using these boots again.


 Now  since the lange fluid or similar has a width of 100mm (krypton is 98mm) that could help with the inner meandering of the left ski as I think the cause is that my left foot gets unevenly compressed in the boot causing pressure to the inner side of the ski thereby causing a wedge (when I cruise straight) and also it effects my ability to make even parallel turns - I just have to work much harder.   Maybe all my reasoning is flawed so please feel free to correct me - and in terms of length  - so if the lange fluid shells are sized similar to the dalbello then I should have 10 mm more(30 minus 29 cm) in the shell which would make a clearance of about 16-17 mm which for the time being should not be that bad and give time for my toes to heal - what do you think?




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Just an update to close the thread: I tried the 30.5 mondo size with a lange fluid 90 boot.  The shell fit seemed to be about 2 fingers clearance but it seemed too wide for my foot as compared to the krypton.   So I skied with the krypton this week after the waste shell material was removed from the inside toe area of the right boot.  Also removed the heel lifts and I used the original sole(footbed) that came with the shoes.   It all seemed to go quite well.  My left ski had very minimal skew - no pressure points this time, just a very snug fit and my  2nd toes seem to be healing well (just have to ignore the discolored toe nail) .


Thanks again.



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