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ski length accomplished but lightweight 4 1/2 year old?

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Tis the season to start looking for gear deals.  We started my daughter last year at 2 1/2 years old.  It has been a joy to watch her progress to linking wedge turns on her own this year (3 1/2).  She has been out  about 25-30 times between last season & this year so far.  A "time" is anywhere from one run to 4 hours depending on weather and attitude.  For anyone familiar with the area, she can ski Bradford (where I patrol) from top to bottom -- all 250 feet of verticle .


She's currently on Fischer RXJ 70cm shaped skis ( - has been for the last 2 seasons.  I read somewhere that her skis should be chin length, they are mid chest.  She is 39" (99cm) tall, chin is 32.5" (82cm) collarbone is 30.5 (76cm).  She is pretty thin - only 28.5#.  If we are on harder snow (ie - new england packed powder) I notice that she can't flex the skis much (can see daylight under the waist).


So - long story short - should I be looking for some 80cm for next year?  Any recommendations on "softer" junior skis?  I expect she's on track for a 20+ day season next year as well.



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It sounds like her ski now is pretty good. For the future, I think the K2 LuvBug works well. It comes in a 76cm. 

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I have two daughters who learned to ski when they were three years old.  They are seven and ten now.  My experience in choosing ski lenghts is to always get the shorter one.  To this day, they ski better ALWAYS on shorter skis.  Each time I attempt to put them on longer skis without them know.  They immediately complain how difficult it was to ski that day.

Keep it short.



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I have my 4 and 6 yo on 100 and 110 respectively.  They seem fine.


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hazmat, generally go shorter like Cyclist said to foster good turns. Unless you know for sure, stay away from the longer skis for now. Racer256's child is an unusual case for a 4yo.


For your child, get him something between chest and chin for now. There is no rush. The first race won't start until at least 3 years from now.

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I have been asking lots of similar questions and watching TONS of kids....I teach kids.     My 3.5 yo is on 67s now and doing great.    I have been told to stay the same for next year, but I think I may move up to a 76......and let my 2.5 yr old (next yr) have her brother's.     


They can ski 100s or 110----but unless you are always in power...I would go shorter....what I see is a lot of torquing the ski at that size rather than body movement.


I think the kids skiing in the video attached are NOT the norm.   This is very good skiing for this age...congratulations.   


I have to learn to upload...got some great CARVING of my son on Monday.     I even had to get still photos of the parellel gouges in the snow.   My problem is that every time I pull out the camera or video player, he wants to JUMP and get air.......he wont turn.   He only turns when not on tape.    He skied over 150 YARDs...yes (yards) switch making turns.      Each time I pulled the camera...he would stop.   I will have to pay someone, I fear.

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Thanks for the kind words.


I do not really think that my boys are "that" outside the normal curve for kids who can get to the Mt regularly and who hang with skier type families.  (Truth be told many of my pals' kids put them to shame) The hill they are on is a hero bunny hill and the camera makes it look like we are cruising faster than reality.  Then again maybe we can go ahead and credit my super awesome amateur instructional skills.  NOT.


That said, I agree with everyone.  Shorter is better for beginners whether they be kids or adults.


I just happened to have these two pair of skis (gift).  My little guys never knew any different, never complained and seemed fairly comfortable.  #1 did not seem to even notice the trans from 100-110 this year. 


We have prob been skiing 12-15 times this year. (Usually @ 4 hrs including hot chocolate break) Year #1 for #2 and year #2 for #1.


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