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Went at Le Massif  in Québec on Friday and Saturday and Mont Sainte-Anne on Sunday.


First, trip was planned about a month ago, not knowing what conditions will be. Then, out of nowhere, 90 friggin 5 centimeters fell in 48 hours (yeah, that makes 37 inches for ya yankees) !!! It was the first time I've ever seen truely bottomless snow inbounds on this side of the Mississipi. Woke up at 3, picked a long time buddy and rushed over there to get the first tracks. Left him in the groomers as his skill level is at about -1... Too bad, got to get all the snow for me alone. Did runs after runs of untracked powder all morning long. Then, after lunch, procceded to check Mont a liguori (new side country development), it was schweeeeet !!!! Nice steep trees with lotsa powder, it was epic !!!  Then, on saturday, mandatory mogul day. There were moguls about everywhere on the mountain and I surely appreciated a good day to work on my mogul skills (wait, what skills ?). Anyway, we were too shot to do any good skiing on sunday so we decided to go explore the blue groomers at Mont Sainte-Anne, which were nice.


Sorry I got no pics or vids, but here's a link to a video the the side country developpement at Le Massif: (It was filmed in december and january, at the description says)