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multi-week ski camps for intermediate+ adult skier?

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I have the entire month of January off and I am looking for a multi-day or multi-week ski camp oriented towards intermediate+ adults.

The longer the better. Location is not terribly important, but the US or Canada would be preferred.
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Sugarbowl has a few week long camps but I'm not sure when they are scheduled.

Whistler, also has good camps.

I would suggest Lito but he has been sold out since last spring.
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Check out http://www.skinastc.com/ Excellent instruction and a great time.
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For Vail Colorado ... lots of nice new snow and 5000 acres to enjoy it on.

Pepis Wedel Weeks. All inclusive with the very best instruction. seePepis Wedel Weeks

Master Camps at Vail. Call Colorado 970 476 1790 or e-mail info@mastercamps.com for a schedule.

Enquire about discount air travel as Vail has some deals going with AA at the moment.

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Hi pmc123

According to their web site, www.skitaos.org, Taos Ski Valley runs Ski Weeks every week of the winter. They are comprised of either five or six mornings of instruction. The website also says there are special "Masters" ski weeks (age 50 and up) starting 1/13/02 and 2/24/02, and womens ski weeks starting 1/16/02 and 2/3/02. The cost of these is $375 or $450 for five or six days respectively.

They also run a few Super Ski Weeks which are 5 1/2 day of lessons. These are being run starting 1/6/02, 1/20/02, and 2/3/02. The cost is $692.

These prices are significantly less than any comparable week-long lessons I have seen. Note that, according to the website, these prices include lift tickets.

The ski school at Taos has a very good reputation. I attended a Super Ski week last year, and thought it was quite good. This year I am probably going to attend the one starting 2/20/02. I've got to make that decision in a few days.

Lodging at the slopes is fairly expensive, while lodging in Taos seems reasonable, but it's a 30 to 45 minute drive to the slopes. Infomation is available thru their website.

If you're from a city served by Southwest Airlines, they seem to have good fares into Albuquerque. Their website is www.southwest.com.

good luck,
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Hi There,
Depending on your experience with ski schools in the past, you may want to check out some of the alternatives to the psia schools. Out here in Tahoe, All Mountain Professionals works with advanced intermediates and up on opening up more terrain by teaching simple ways to enjoy off piste snow. We do our resort teaching at sugar bowl, so you could also mix in some regular ski school clinics with your time with the all mountain pros. You can check us out at www.allmountainskipros.com. Our regular multi day programs don't run weekdays, and are a mixture of in the resort and backcountry adventures, but our private rate if you have a few people is quite competitive.
If you've checked out this website much, you've heard alot about pmts. Our pros focus on a series of core moves developed by Eric Delauriers that was developed concurrently with pmts and has many similarities. Anyway, Tahoe's snow is looking great and we'd love to host you for some ski adventuring and improvement. Check the site or drop me a pm. Cheers, Wade
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Xteam has a few dates in January.

Snowbird steep camps are running one in mid January.

I would be fully prepared to get my butt kicked in both of these and walk home on spagetti legs BUT also knowing that you have skied terrain that you have never thought you would.
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Harb has some openings; www.harbskisystems.com.

The all mountain camps would be great too.
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Thank you, everyone, for some great suggestions!
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Check out www.dempseytours.com
They have 2 or 3 week courses in January with accommodation if you need it. They're in Whistler (or Fernie) with instruction Monday to Friday and good social events etc. I don't know how booked up they are but it's worth a try.
Let me know if you end up going as I'll be there in Janaury! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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