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Where is the best place in pensylvania for trails that are long?

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Long or most vertical?

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Blue Knob

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what about in the poconos


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Nile Mile maybe at Camelback.  Blue claims three trails over a mile.  Laurel Mountain has one that's 1.5 miles.  Sno (Montage) also has some long trails. 

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Generally speaking mountains with the tallest vertical drop usually have the longest trail. The longest trails are usually the flattest trails. Truly long trails in PA are going to be beginner trails. Pocono Mountains and eastern mountains that have the greatest vertical are: Blue, Elk, Sno (Montage) and Camelback.Check out their trail maps and look for the runs that traverse out and back or switchback often down the mountain.


In the Alleghenies: Blue Knob, Whitetail and Seven Springs have the most vertical. Laurel has a nice long trail, Innsbruck to Deer Path, that is a little more challenging then your average beginner trail. Unfortunately Laurel hasn't been open since '05. Blue Knob's Mambo Alley is also a fun run that offer a good level of challenge for the novice skier.

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