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Becancour QUE

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OMG work just called and asked if I could fly to Que tommorow, they will call later tonight to confirm. I think this is in the Three Rivers area (tree rivier). So I am hopeing I can get the work completed Wen. ski thurs and fly friday. What resorts are close ?

Looks like I will fly from Burlington VA

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I just drove by there a week ago.  It is, I think, about an hour to an hour and a half west of Quebec.  Another half hour east form there gets you to Mont Sainte Anne.  Another half hour east puts you at Le Massif.  There are other ski areas in the region but those are the 2 biggies.  Ste Anne with about 2000 vertical feet and Le Massif boasts over 2600 feet of vertical drop.  Both are excellent ski areas and the conditions are great right now.  Have a good trip!

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