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Who wants a free pair of skis????  

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We're doing a Epic specific giveaway ending at 3pm PST Wednesday(2/25) .  Winner gets to choose between a Fischer Watea 101/94 or a LINE Prophet 90; you pick the size.  Please only post once (unless you're actually discussing something) as we'll only put your name in the hat once.

Just reply on this thread, and we'll randomly select a winner at 3pm.  Thanks for supporting the sport that we love.

Second note Sierraskis.com is back at 50% off.


As normal if you have any questions feel free to send me a PM.

Good Luck Bears!!!!


SierraSkis.com Ski Give-Away Today at 3:00 PST / 6:00 EST


SierraSkis is giving away a pair of skis!


You can watch the drawing at http://www.justin.tv/sierrasnowboard


To win, you must post once in the Who Wants to Win a Free Pair of Skis thread.


At 3:00 we will lock the thread temporarily to run a report.  We will send the list of names to Jared and Tyler at SierraSkis.com, and they will randomly select the winner.  You can watch the drawing at 3:00 on Justin TV.  So you might want to set up a login account there ahead of time.


See you soon!




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Add my name ,please.  Thanks for the chance to win a nice ski.

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You guys are too much, that's an awesome giveaway! Now here's hoping that no one else will post...move along, nothing to see here!

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Sign me up

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I'm in.

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Sounds good!

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I'm in.  This is a fantastic giveaway!

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Sign me up.  Thanks!

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I'll bite.

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me too 

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Made me bite....first post after lots of lurking.

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put me in. broken ribs or not.

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(too bad I just bumped the thread...)

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Put my name in the hat. The only way I'm going to get new skis any time soon is to win these.

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um, yeah, me too

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Great! It would not hurt to have a powder ski for West Montana!



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Sounds good to me! 

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Please put me in! 

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I'm in.

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If it's free, it's for me. 

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Heck ya!

Please draw my name




Edit, two hours til the drawing..

WOW, look at all the new folks and lurkers this has drummed up and gotten to post here.  If even a few of them stick around for good and become supporters this will be a whopping success!  Regardless, it has me excited.  Thanks Sierra and Epic folks!


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pick me, pick me 

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Wow, what a deal...sign me up!

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i'll play...

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sign me up 

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I'll toss my name in the hat.

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Me too...

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I would love a pair of skis. it would be and awesome birthday present (2/24 is my bday). Thanks for putting me in the hat. I really appreciate your love for skiing and your generosity. I love skiing as well1 I hope the skis go to a person that deserves them.

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Heck I will even post a pic of me wearing them if I win!! (this may not be a good thing if you see me)

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I'm in...

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