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New Technical skiing DVD

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Hey Guys,

My team mate (aussie demo team Paul Lorenz) is making a short turn progression DVD, I thought that I would share it with you guys... for him to make it there has to be a certain amount of interest in it... He has made a trailer for it which you can watch here :


And his contact information is on there too... if you guys want to see this dvd make sure you email him with your interest... It looks like it will be sick!!!



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69 views and no comments?

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Looks pretty good! What would be the particulars of It? Length, demos, excercises etc.

Possibly a discussion of the teaching technique might get some interest going here.

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LOL your friend can sure ski.

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Great skiing. Im sure interested in getting a DVD like that. I see some Austrian influences and drills. Gotta mail him, thanks.

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yeah he rips... big time.... and i think its going to be a good DVD... im going to get one... and I ski with him nearly everyday in australia... haha

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 People post so many videos. I'm glad I clicked on that one. The guy can ski.

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Now that's good DEMO TEAM bumps skiing! (I don't know what to make of the skill drill montage-it all looks cool), but the high energy, flair filled bump skiing was really sharp-again, what I thought would be in the demo team tryout video that is floating around in several different forums now.


Should be a great learning DVD-if that style bump skiing is the end product!

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Did anyone else think "here comes the boot top spiral fracture" at 0:51 ?

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Originally Posted by Noodler View Post


Did anyone else think "here comes the boot top spiral fracture" at 0:51 ?


That is a pretty striking (and impressive) demonstration of independent foot/ski control!


I like that it's under the heading "fun exercises" for Yoga masters!

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Great skiing,,,definitely a "forign" flair to it.        

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