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2009 Ski Season: Day 14

Jodi Shredding Red Dog at Squaw

Location: Squaw Valley
Conditions: Groomed, moguls, bluebird
Date: 2/21

Saturday, we hit Squaw on the Bay Area Ski Bus for the first day of a two day trip. My Volkl Mantra 184's needed some tuning so I dropped them off at the base ski shop for some welds, wax, and edge. I took the funitel to Gold Coast and hit up the demo shop for some boards for they day.

I was going to get the 2009 Manras in a 191 if they had them. I talked to the demo shop guy about what to chose for the day:

Demetri: Hey, my skis are at the base getting repaired and I need to demo something for today.

Shop Guy: Sounds like a great idea

D: Do you have the Mantras?

SG: Yup, sure

D: What size?

SG: 170, 177, 184

D: No 191s?

SG: nope

D: I actually have the Mantras, is there anything else I should try?

SG: Head Mojos, they are the Mantra killer

D: Seriously considers punching the shop guy in the face for dissing his Mantras. Okay, I'll give them a shot. We'll see. I'll take the 187s.

I liked the skis. They were heavy pigs though. I found myself tightening down the boot buckles to get a bit more control over the monsters. I liked the 187 length. The were great in anything tracked up.

We hit the whole mountain that day. We started out on taking Red Dog over to Squaw Creek for a few laps. We did Shirley Lake, Granite Chief, Gold Coast Express and a few rides on the funitel. Conditions were pretty good all around the mountain with lots of moguls especially in Siberia Bowl.