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Mountain Creek, a new perspective.

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Okay, I have made it abundantly clear how much I hate Mountain Creek, the long lines (parking, ticket windows, lockers, rentals, food....you name it), over run by wreck-less snowboarders, over crowded, long walk from parking lot, usually bad snow (ice shavings, sugar), small boring trails, low vertical,  novices everywhere, a weird stand up gondola called the Cabriolet which drops you off on pavement that is 200' from the actual snow...gravel all over the trails...a real nightmare of a ski area. 


So how does this place stay in business you might wonder. Well I got there Saturday morning from Merrick Long Island, in 1 hr and 10 minutes, my navigation said it should have taken me 2+ hrs....so it is very close to metro NY; about 45 minutes from the GWB.   It's also a bit less expensive, not by much but it all adds up, and its easy to get to.  


Nevertheless the negatives have kept me away from this place, I basically rather not ski than go here since I have always left pissed off and thankful that I didn't get killed by some out of control boarder. 


So Saturday I had an ASRA GS race (which I did beyond bad in I might add) at MC, to my surprise, they had a significant amount of snow and the snow although not great was not too bad either.  Better still, the crowds were greatly diminished, which I believe is due to the terrain park having been moved to the adjacent mountain.  So now while you still have many snow boarders, its not like it used to be, which was basically more like an infestation.   What really surprised me was that even by 12noon (nightmare hour), the lift lines were almost non existent, I nearly immediately got on that wretched cabriolet lift after every run, really no waiting.   I cant comment on the rest of the negatives since I got there very early and didn't get to experience the mass flow of people when one arrives at peak hours. The snow did get pretty bad pretty quickly, that however is excusable giving the warm weather we had the week before.   Base shredding gravel was popping up all over the mountain and I decided to call it a day once the racing was over.  For those not so sensitive to such things, there was plenty of coverage to go on all day till closing time at 10pm at night!


So maybe I have been giving this little old ski area an undeserved bad rap.  Though late in the season for any good snow, I cant really fairly comment on that, but I think, next season when things are a bit colder and snowier I will go with the family and see if things are indeed tolerable.....otherwise I'll just have to stick to Hunter for my quickest fix.

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I agree with all the negatives about mountain creek. I've never had any positives, though I was only there once, since it sucked so damn bad. Even after the "Blizzard of '06" the snow was hard and icy and it was way too crowded. The flying bucket really isn't helping anyone either--take the basic structure of the gondola but then eliminate all of the advantages (seating, warmth). What were they thinking there? Maybe it's changing or maybe you got lucky. I'd still opt for the Catskills (or poconos for that matter).

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I live less than 15 minutes away from MC and I still go to Hunter (1:20 minutes Away)


It truly does suck!


Richie, how did you get there so fast?


What route did you take. My wife is from your area and it takes us at least 1:45 to get there?


Always looking for shortcuts!






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For some stupid reason I have a season pass to Creek this year, yet I drive to the Catskills or PA on most days.  I only ski on weekdays, so its not the crowds.


I hate the walk from the parking lot, it makes a quiver useless. I'm not doing it more than once a day. I also won't bring my 8 year old there since I have to carry too much equipment too far, when he gets too tired.


Their "ski lodge"/tennis bubble has one of the most digusting smells ever. Sweat & fried foods.  They closed the bar to open a new smaller bar/restaurant.  It has like 6 items on the menu...no burgers, no wings, about 10 small tables. Don't most places turn a good profit on food & beverages? Seems like they are trying not to.


Last time I was there I made the trek all the way to the South side only to find out the Cafeteria doesn't open till 3pm, wtf.  The restaurant was closed. They had another new tiny bar where the one employee was selling lift tickets, bar drinks & a fine assortment of boxed ham & cheese sandwiches.   


I really think they do not like customers.

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I just followed the navigation system in my GM vehicle....with a lead foot.  Did 65-85 the whole way....though I understand that was mighty risky and I got very lucky.  On the way back home the route had heavy police activity, I took it easy.

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RR & RPTW, I agree 100%.  The last and ONLY time I was there was 8 years ago.  Sounds like nothing has changed for the better.  I had to laugh when I read this:



Originally Posted by RatherPlayThanWork View Post


Their "ski lodge"/tennis bubble has one of the most digusting smells ever. Sweat & fried foods.  They closed the bar to open a new smaller bar/restaurant.  It has like 6 items on the menu...no burgers, no wings, about 10 small tables. Don't most places turn a good profit on food & beverages? Seems like they are trying not to.



After seeing that I had to dig up an old post I made following my trip there in 2001.  It's a long one and was in response to a guy who used to post raves about Mtn. Creek over on the ancient "rec.skiing.alpine" newsreader thingy.  Maybe Barry is even here now under a name I don't recognize.  Somebody probably even knows him.  So wth all due respect to him, I will now re-post my rant as it was 8 years ago just to prove that Mtn. Creek has never stopped sucking (for me anyhow).


Here it is, as it was.  Notice my food and stench comments!  And  I will never ever go back until they at least tear down that deranged cabriolet (whose sole purpose BTW - is to accomodate summer mtn. bikers - not skiers):


"OK, after listening to Barry Backer rave about Mountain Creek for the past
two years, I finally had to cave in and check it out and here's my own, very
long winded personal assessment (with comparisons to Hunter Mtn. since I had
originally expressed considerable disbelief with respect to comments about
Hunter being "obsolete" compared to Mtn. Creek):

I was there on Friday, 1/12/01, with my 10 yr. old son (a skier) and made a point
to ski every trail on the mountain


1) It saved me 1 hr. travel time vs. Hunter.

2) It's a GREAT place if you're tail grabbing Generation X'er, or if you just no longer
have the knees for banging bumps.  Excellent job with the terrain parks.
This place is clearly geared toward the snowboard/skied once before/bus
trip/two days a year/retired and hanging with the ski club crowd.
Judging by the crowds there on Friday, they seemed to have hit their target
group.  There were snowboarders everywhere, and most of the skiers I saw were
low intermediates and older folks just out to enjoy a slow cruise on a
beautiful sunny day. I saw almost nobody who fit my type of skiing profile
except for a few high school racer types.

3) Good snow cover on all trails with pretty decent grooming.

4) Appeared to be a pretty efficient layout for the rental crowd at
Base. Looks like an efficient system for getting new skiers out and on the

5) Nice meandering, relaxing, runs through the woods with a few short steep
pitches for skiers just busting out of the Intermediate rut.

6) Good skiing for the intermediate skiing family, or those with
adrenaline pumped young boarders.

7) Pretty nice lift system at South, with some fun, sunny runs and at least
one spot to make a few nice fast GS turns (on Big Bear).

8) Great idea with the 8 hr. lift ticket. One of the best strategies I've
seen. Probably the best reason I would go back again.


1) I predict this is going to be Typical Mountain Creek: While we're getting
lunch (5 mins.) someone steals my son's gaiter off of our lunch table.
Never had that happen at Hunter yet. There is clearly a larger proportion of
clientele that you'd better keep your eye on at Mtn.Creek, than I'm used to
seeing at Hunter. Sounds impossible, but I'll tell you, on Friday at least,
I felt like I was on a school bus trip to the Bronx Zoo.

2) More crowded than a typical Friday at Hunter. Snowboarders everywhere.

3) Very little to keep advanced skiers happy. No moguls. The moguls on Zero
G had unskiable bulletproof FRGR between them all day long. By contrast, one
week prior at Hunter had beautiful, soft, well spaced bumps the entire
length of Anapurna. Even K-27 had better snow. HUNTER STILL MAKES BETTER
QUALITY SNOW!  Or maybe it's just the weather/altitude there. Every trail at
Hunter was open last week and the skiing was FAR FAR FAR more challenging
and more interesting. I had a real workout last week. I couldn't get one at

4) My son skied Pipe Line (the only Double Diamond) and after about 10 turns he
said, "dad that's not a double diamond!"  Well, it is, but it's just very

5) The Cabriolet Lift is absurd! I hate that thing. I realize it's a good
people mover, but it's a lousy way to ride back up every 2-3 minutes.It
should never be used as a primary ski lift. The triple at
Vernon was not
running, so you never had a chance to get off your feet.

6) The food at the main
Vernon base lodge was hideous. Four choices of food
and all of them lousy. By contrast, the food in the Hunter base lodge is
always quite qood. They have great homemade soups and lunch specials. Mtn.
Creek's was total CRAP! Sorry.

7) There was a penetrating, vile smell of vomit which permeated the base
lodge and smacked you in the face every time you walked in from outside. I
don't know if this was just a problem on that day, but my son was covering
his nose and so were quite a few people who were there. You could not escape


Mtn. Creek is a nice place for a relaxed day of weekday cruising. It beats
working.  You will never see a carload of good skiers arrive in the
parking lot for a challenging day of skiing. I will spend the extra hour and
go to Hunter or
JiminyPeak (which also kicks the living crap out of Mtn.
Creek as far as terrain for advanced skiers goes).
You will still get more VERTICAL at Hunter on the high speed quad, and
probably even on the older West side lift than you'll get at Mtn. Creek.
It's a FACT.
If you are an Intermediate skier - by all means - try Mtn. Creek. For you,
Mtn. Creek may be a better choice than Hunter. It's a good Intermediate
mountain for a couple of days. More than that and you'll be bored.
If you're a tail-grabber, definitely go and enjoy the excellent terrain
parks and half pipes.

I spent my day playing around. Skiing with no poles, boots unbuckled,
practicing technique - trying to attain a pure carve at a slow speed. It's
good for that, and I had an enjoyable, relaxing day in general. I had to do
a lot of maneuvering between the snowplowers though.
Mountain Creek will get better (maybe), but it's direction seems pretty clear - The
Six Flags crowd meets A.A.R.P. and they all got along just dandy."


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