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it seems vimeo got better video guality. Same turns here:


if the skiing is not good at least it shows the good scenery of Niseko, Japan.

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Hi carver_hk,

Just a quick $.01 from HackerCarver_Steve.   As from previous can often take my stuff with a grain of salt..;-), especially when compared to all the other guys...& women.

I think with steeper terrain Mother Gravity will give you the momentum you need to initiate dynamic short radius stuff..without forcing the issue and without having to add momentum yourself to get the response from an edge-engaged ski...thus letting you concentrate on technique & physical movements.   I think once you get onto steeper'll begin to feel gravity's pull easier..then you'll quickly find how to tweak your timing with movements.  Not that steep pitch is needed for short radius stuff, but it's a lot easier in the beginning when gravity provides the momentum.


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thanks for the advise. No doubt I agree its easier to learn on steeper terrain. In fact I did also learn short turns on steeper terrain. It just that this is where its easier to ask people to take video for me.

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