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Atomic Nomad Whiteout or Fischer Red Heat?

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i am looking to buy new skis this year and i need some guidance.  here is my info:


age: 31
ht: 5'10
wt: 155 lb
skill level: advanced/ aspiring expert
desired ski length: around 165 cm

no. of days per season: 4-6 days
where: east coast


i typically like rippin it down groomers (at moderate speeds) and i love steeps w/o moguls. i prefer wide turns with lots of enegry, but i also need a ski that is manuverable for short, snappy turns.  i spend most of my day on the more difficult blues and moderate blacks, but i'm looking to push my abilities.  since i ski on the east coast, i do run into lots of crusty hardpack, ice and crud. i'm looking for a ski that will barrel through all these conditions and last me for many seasons. 


my search as brought me to two skis: the atomic nomad whiteout and the fischer red heat.  i have heard and read a lot of good reviews of these skis on their own, but i haven't seen a side-by-side comparison. i am wondering if anyone has tested both of these skis and would provide some feedback. 



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I have never skied the Fischer skis, but let me tell you, the Whiteouts are insane.  I just purchased a pair off ebay, since they are last years ski and I can't justify spending a lot of money on a new pair of skies at the store right now.  Keep in mind, I had not skied for about 7 years and was an advanced skier at that time.  This is my 1st season back and had skied 5 days until I purchased the Whiteouts.  I used to ski K2 TR comps at 204 cm.  I demoed the rossi 82 (I believe) and the Volkl AC 30.  I really liked the AC 30s, but once again, could not justify spending the money.  I then ended up winning a bid on a new pair of 178 Whiteouts. I took them for their 1st run to Purgatory for 2 days and they just ripped the mountain.  By this last 2-day trip, I had only been back to an upper-intermediate level.  Half way through my 1st day, I was feeling back to my old self with these skies, yet minus insane jumps and moguls.  They are just soo snappy, responsive, and stable.  They do what you make them do.  Unlike the AC 30s, you can also get lazy with them.  They help your ability and make you a better skier.  I'm 35 years old, 6'2, 215 and I pushed them to the limit.  Other reviews that I read advised that they are not as stable at high speeds and in crud as the Blackeyes.  I thought to myself, damn, the blackeyes must be even more insane.  I just couldn't feel how this ski could be unstable.  I got soo confident, I downhilled some short areas just to try and get a real feel of the stability.  Toward the 2nd half of my 2nd day, I started jumping them off headwalls and small jumps because I felt they were stable enough to land at high speeds.  They felt as stable as my old 204s, plus some.  Turning on steep, hard-packs was beyond fun and the grip was like no other, but just as good as the AC 30s. 

Sorry, I know you were talking about the Fischer skis, but since no-one else replied to you, I thought I would distinguish between what i've demoed.  The funny part is that never demoed this ski.  It was one of the few that I did my research on and ended up winning on ebay.  I've been home since last night and am still stoked on the Whiteouts, so I hope this helps. 
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