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Revelstoke for intermediates

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I am thinking of a week Revelstoke with my wife (improving intermdiate) who prefers to ski on the groomers.

Is it possible for an intermediate skier to get from the top to the bottom at Revelstoke on groomers and not be overwhelmed?

How is the snow there now, is it worth going at all?


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I addressed your point in my TR from Feb. 4-6:


Of the long 4,700 vertical groomers at least one is groomed top-to-bottom each day, plus part of others.  A low intermediate who is not completely parallel is likely to get tired from the length and periodic steepness of those runs.


The groomers on the new 1,700 vertical Ripper chair are slightly easier.

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Thanks, it sounds as if it semi workable. I didn't know about the Ripper chair...appreciate the response!

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