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I was wondering what, if any, are the effects on chiropractic treatment on your ski/boot alignment? If you undergo occasional chiropractic sessions, would it make a noticeable difference in the way your body reacts to your setup?


I went to my chiropractor several times last year, and it seemed to make a small difference in my balance and skiing. Now that I have a new set of boots, I'm wondering whether a revisit of my alignment and any mods to my orthotic would be affected by a visit to my friendly neighborhood chiro.

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Chiropractic adjustments certainly can change alignment, but this is way to big and at this point to vague a question to aboslutely answer accurately here.


Depends on what is being adjusted, why, etc.


but it may be interesting for you to have alignment checked before and after adjustment.





I have thought about this recently after having multiple adjustments and not having been to the chiropractor in years. If 'corrections'  were made while your body was out of alignment you should definately get re-evaluated. I felt an immediate difference even in walking. My weight felt more forward and I felt more pressure on the front of my hips that I wasn't used to and had to get used to the new weight distribution. I can't see how that would not affect my alignment and fittings in my ski equipment. It's hard to know if there is an issue though until it is corrected and you feel the difference.


The 'art' part of knowing what to do is why having a good bootfitter is so important. I have had a hard time finding someone that can give me really good answers to my feedback, but that is another thread in itself.

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