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Narrower Rockered skis

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I am curious to know what are the narrower rockered skis on the market?  My thinking is that with the right flex, length and tip design, you may not need a ski that is super wide to be very good in deep powder while still being quite versatile.


Came across the Lib Technologies NAS Jib reCURVE Alpine Ski when I did a search, but wondered if there was anything else out there (preferably with a more all mountain rather than park bias).  Also if anyone has skied this or other narrower rockered skis, feedback on performance is appreciated.




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Possibly head jimi.


130/110/120, tip rocker.


Narrower tip then my hard snow ski.

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The 2010 Volkl Gotama is rockered. 2009 was 133-105-124 (not rockered). I don't have official widths on 2010, but looked similar. In my book, 105 isn't "narrow", but it is narrower than many of the super fat rockers out there. Maybe "less fat" is more applicable than "narrower" when talking rockered skis.

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You could go the TGR route and rocker your own "narrow" ski of choice.  There are a few threads over there detailing methods of introducing rocker into a ski.  Of course this most likely does some crazy things to the integrity of the construction of the ski (most likely reducing its lifespan greatly), but I don't think there are any relatively narrow (80-95mm) rockered skis available (yet).  I also hope to see rocker introduced into skis that aren't quite so fat.

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I don't have anything resembling complete info - but things like the previously mentioned 2010 goat, as well as the Atomic Blog, 2010 Kung Fujas, etc  come to mind. 


There are threads at TGR and New Schoolers that can probably point you in the right direction.


I'm not sure we'll see rockered skis dropping much below 100 - because I'm not sure doing so will provide material improvement to handling,

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Salomon Lord has tip rocker (87 mm waist).

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Thanks for the replies so far...


By narrower, I am thinking 80 to 110 underfoot with something in the 80s having more potential as far as moguls and on piste, but the new Goat might be interesting.


Anyone ski the Salomon Lord or the Lib Technologies NAS Jib reCURVE Alpine?  I don't know much about Lib, but thought my Salomon's were decent until I upgraded to Fischer Atuas/Misfits last season. 

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There are reviews of the Lib Tech Recurve on TGR (  The upshot is that they are very stiff, and the Magne-Traction is challenging to get dialed. 


My husband adores his 2010 Gotamas, and he's only skied them so far on a totally crappy groomer day.  He's salivating to ski them in some actual snow.

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Don't get carried away with getting too narrow too fast. My intuition is that something between 100 and 110 will ski relatively "narrow". I have no hard data to back this up, but my subjective sense is that a rockered or reverse cambered ski (with sidecut) is generally easier to take edge to edge than a comparable width conventional ski. After noodling on this a bit, I'm sort of thinking this is because you do not have to decamber the ski as it rolls... Or, I could be simply hallucinating. 


FWIW, I've got somewhere north of 70 days of rockered ski use - with an assortment of models -  under my belt the past few years... I have no experience (yet) with hybrid models. So I can offer no useful info there.


This is an interesting new space. Whatever you get, I'm pretty sure a bunch of us would appreciate a review - pro or con - after some use.


I don't recall which model, but Dookey has a bunch of time on Lib magnetraction skis. And I'm pretty sure he's been keeping his ear to the ground wrt to their skis in general.


Oh yeah, Moment may have something interesting - check out their stuff. And I've heard some positive comments about the Salomon Shoguns which will be more in the space you are talking about as well... Etc.

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I've heard some good things about the Soloman Lord.  The rocker is veerry gentle or slight. It is not readily apparent visually.  I know someone who really liked it on groomers and he's a good skier.  I questioned him because I'd heard it was rockered and he was really impressed by it's groomer performance.  The ski is not what you would normally consider 'rockered' but apparently the shape does make it more versatile in the heavy snow/trees.  It is also not a beefy ski in the category of say a mythic rider, but it's definitely not a noodle.  If you're heavy, it may be a little soft though.


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Originally Posted by Tog View Post


The rocker is veerry gentle or slight. It is not readily apparent visually. .......



It's not readily apparent b/c it's not there.


The Lord skis fine and better than a fair number of all mountain twins on groomers but the "rocker" exists only in the minds of the marketing department.



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highlights of the thread include:


The Armada Alpha 1 is 95-112-82-101-86 (JJ type shape) in the 176 length, and is even skinnier in a 170 length

The Lib Tech Park and Pipe Recuve is 117-85-111 in a 173 and 120-86-113 in a 181.


Palmer P01- 85mm rockered tip and tail, deep sidecut, metal laminate but soft flexing,

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At least since the 1940's, the technical term for narrow powder skis was "soft." As in, "yeah, that ski is soft enough for the powder." So as recently as 2005, some reviews of skis in the 70 mm range talked about how well they handled in powder. (Take B1 and B2 reviews from that period as examples.)


In my experience, this hasn't greatly changed. You want a good narrow powder ski, buy a park twin. Most do well in powder because they have short running lengths and are flexy in front and back for take offs and landings (cf Extremes, Prophets,Troubles etc); these skis are ridiculously versatile. Many would pick them for a single quiver ski, east and west, groomed to powder.


IMO what we need are not narrower rockers that try to better these twins, but wider softer rockers that are even more specialized for 3D. YMMV. 



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