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What Should I Demo at Mammoth

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Going to Mammoth next week and plan on doing their demo deal at main lodge. Looking for a ski I can like in 2-4 in of powder which is a condition we get a lot up here in Inland PNW.  Variable snow conditions.  We are relatively low elevation but way up north.  Ski meant for trees, off piste, bumps, broken snow, dust on crust and some pretty good powder too.  Also on piste too.


Me 5'11  193lbs  old fart  Adv Skier (38yrs skiing) Ski just about everything.


Reading here on Epic has led me to demo  Fischer Watea 94.... and...................   Thanks

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Pete, I skied in Mammoth for 20+ years.  Unless they get a lot of fresh snow, you'll be skiing mostly groomers or crud as they have a big skier population and they ski it out pretty quick.  Any thing left will set up to sierra cement, it's heavy coming off the Pacific with a lot of water content.  Having said that, California is supposed to get some storms this week, and when it dumps there, it really dumps.  Eight or more inches overnight is the norm.  It's just not going to be as light as it is in Idaho, and that's the main difference.  Their website says they have 15 feet of base at the top, so coverage is good.


The trees are tight there.  On the other hand they have a lot of open bowls, steeps and huge groomers. It's going to be mostly on piste, but pretty steep and wide open.  You'll definitely want to hold an edge.  It's a big place, but even with 28 lifts it can get crowded on weekends.  45 minute liftlines are not that uncommon on the busiest days (which you probably won't get this late in the season), but midweek they do a good job of dispersing the crowds so you don't see it.


My best advice is to see the conditions once you get there and judge accordingly.  There will probably be a lot of new snow, but it will be heavier than the Rockies.  


BTW, it's high up there.  I think the town is about 7,500 feet.  The mountain tops out at 11,000+ and the air can get a little thin.  My favorite runs off the face were Scotty's and Dave's.  Enjoy!




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Sorry wasn't probably making myself clear.  I have skied Mammoth every year for about 25 yrs.  Just looking for what ski's to demo not for Mammoth but up here.  85-95 mm yep and brands or models anyone can recommend to try for my description posted above?   Wateo 94 I would like to try but any others?

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Stiofan, where do you live up here?  Wed may be a pow day at Lookout.

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I live in Post Falls.  Schweitzer got 5 inches last night according to their website.  It's supposed to snow for the next three days, but I wont' get any time off until next Monday at the earliest.  


I ski Line Prophet 90s in 179mm and love them, but it's personal opinion.



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I absolutely love my Mythic Riders (88mm waist) and consider them a great ski for moderate to heavy crud/corn/slush or a few inches of powder.  They are my primary ski here in Montana and would be my primary ski if I still lived in Southern Oregon.

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The K2 Outlaws are 92 under foot and ski soft snow and crud and groomers very well.  Real hard pack conditions are the only place I have found that I would like more ski.  A fun lively ski.  Try out the 170 length


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I can confirm that Ridge Hippie was rockin' the Outlaws at Snowmass!

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