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Francie's Cabin- CO hut trip

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Was wondering if people had been there before or in the area.  Headed up there fro 3 days next week and was wondering if you could recommend specific lines or areas to check out.  Any advice at all for someone on there first hut trip would also be appreciated. Thanks, Drew.

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I think there is information over on wildsnow.com- I recall a post by Lou Dawson a year or so ago.


I'm jealous!!! Have a great time and take lots of pictures for us! 

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It's been a few years since I've been out there but there are some nice lines around the area. You are in the midst of some really nice peaks in the Ten Mile Range.  Which trailhead will you be using?  How difficult are the climbs you are interested in doing?  How much vertical are you looking for per day?

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Will likely be using the Spruce Creek Trailhead.  I'll get plenty of snowshoeing and site-seeing in while earning my turns so I don't feel there is a reason to take the longer trailhead in.  Wont have skins, so will be snowshoeing for my turns.  Will be willing to do any climbs as long as they wouldn't require crampons or any mountaineering gear (ropes ect.). I'm in pretty good shape and the people I'll be skiing with are in better shape so we are looking to get after it.  No idea how much verticle to expect/want but we'll be skiing sun up to sun down (conditions permitting).   Thanks.

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You'll be in a great area to get a lot of skiing.  There are several descents on Crystal Peak and Pacific Peak.  To be honest you could work those two hills and kill a couple days

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