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I am recovering from back surgery and the biggest problem I am facing is some significant atrophy in my multifidus (sp) muscles on the left side along my spine, right in the area near where the surgery took place.  I've been doing PT for some months now and there is some improvement, but my therapist seems to think its going to take me a long time because probably I've had some atrophy there for a long time.


In any case, this is a particularly difficult area to rehab.  My turns on the left side definitely suffer as I have weakness setting up angulation on that side.  Slow, stiff and weak. If I push it too hard, I will be uncomfortable for a week.


Am considering getting a Skier's Edge, even though its expensive, because it seems like I could really strengthen many lateral muscles groups, including the core stabilizers like the multifidus.  The ProFitter is a lot less expensive but seems rather more like basic balance training, which actually would probably strengthen my multifidus pretty well, but may not  neccessarily push hard on some of the other larger laterally activated muscle groups.  That is my gut feeling.

What do some of you, particularly trainers such as Lisa-Marie, think about these two devices or what I might do for therapy here.  


I actually used to have a Skier's Edge years ago.  I just had the cheap base model and frankly I never felt like it did anything for me.  But I have heard that the WC model, with the slope simulator, much more resistance and may work better.