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Slalom MA

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Some turns from a super-combined slalom leg...


I have been coaching all year and haven't had much time in the gates. (wild left arm)


I won the run by .06



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Compare the fundamentals of your turns to those of Maria Riesch's and let us know what you see.


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upper body stability and earlier edge engagement higher in the turn, as a result she stays in the fall line much longer than I do. Much more consistant pole plant

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Really amazing balance and quickness.  A little surprised you finished the course by your position in the last turn in the video.  Possibly slightly more progressive ankle flex past the gate will give you a more controllable transition and better body position early in the turns.



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I'm working on switching edge early and applying pressure higher in the turn... I think overflexing my anckles might be a bi product of this as I haven't yet adapted from my older technique

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