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I need new goggles

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I want new higher end ski goggles that give more eye protection in the bright sun in Taos. I wear a helmet and I'm more concerned with sun protection.


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Far out, man. 

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Smith IO (that way you get a lens for the less sunny days as well) 

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I just got a new pair of goggles, Zeal Link SPP (Spherical Polarized Photochromatic). I also wear a helmet and they are the best goggles I've worn, even better than my old Briko's. Sunny day at Solitude on Friday and they were just right. Clear sunny day at Alta yesterday and they kept the contours true and allowed just about the right amount of light through (maybe a touch dark). Today was overcast-flat light- and again, they brought the contours out and were superb, not too dark. My daughter has a different pair of the Zeal's (polarized, not photochromatic) and she also thinks they are great.

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Any goggle on the market should be 100%uva/uvb.

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