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high fluoro wax and colorado

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i had some burton fluoro comp all temp wax given to me and I'm assuming it has high fluoro content. I've read everything about how fluoro doesn't shine unless it's pretty wet snow, but i've also read that it can slow you down in dry, cold snow. I'm hitting vail and winter park this coming weekend (Feb 28th-Mar 1st) and the forecast is for temps to get into high thirties during the day. My question is does high-fluoro wax really slow you up in dry snow and if so, to what extent? Is it more a marginal speed hit or do you actually feel a grip to the snow? I was also wondering if the moderate temps during the day will help? Since i live in southern oklahoma and the closest ski shop is about an hour away, would it be worth my drive to get some hydrocarbon with no fluoros or wait and get a wax on the mountain (which will cut into my ski time)? Anybody here ever skied colorado or utah pre-spring with high-fluoro wax? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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If the Burton wax is what I have seen for sale (but never purchased or used) then it may not be a high flouro. It is usually priced such that I would think it is a low flouro. High flouro waxes from most name brand wax companies (Swix, Toko, etc.) are usually much higher price than the Burton. They can call the wax a flouro with just a small mixing of the flouro added, but flouro tends to do best in warmer temperatures and higher humidity or wet snow. If you can make a good snowball then the flouro will help more.

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