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Need Advice, Opinions - Correct Binding Mount ing

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The Mrs here. I'd really like some opinions on this. Basically, how does the placement of the binding on the ski affect the ski characteristics and performance?

The reason I'm asking is I just got my new Bandit XXs mounted up. I casually compared them to my Axis Xs - same size - and the toe is WAY ahead on the XX. I mean like over an inch!! Yet it seems like they're mounted correctly according to the mark on the ski. So are the Axis mounted too far back? I thought they skied great last year. So I'm in a quandry about what to do, if anything.

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Hello Mrs. WS,

I'd ski on them and see how you like them.

Different ski manufacturers seem to have different ideas on where bindings should be mounted.

Peter Keelty over at techsupportforskiers.com thinks that all skis should have the bindings mounted so that the ball of your foot is over the center of the running surface regardless of where the manufacturer recommends mounting them.

I've meant to move the bindings on my Atomics around as they have 4 positions, but I'm always having so much fun I forget.

If you really wanted to, you might be able to find some XX's (or Axis X's) you could demo that have moveable bindings and see if another binding position suits you better.

People seem to like both skis plenty well with the bindings mounted according to the manufacturers' recommendation, but they MIGHT like them even more with the bindings mounted differently.

Let us know what you decide.

Lurking Bear
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This is getting to be a pretty murky area. Twin tips, flared tails and skis specifically for tricks and spinning (which get mounted more centre to balance the ski). It's not as straightforward as it used to be. (Mid chord for GS, .5-1cm ahead of mid chord for slalom and 1-2 cm back for DH.) This doesn't do you any good if your measure includes a whopping 5cm of ski hanging out the back that never touches snow. Some manufacurers recommend woman get skis mounted 1 or 2 cm foward to compensate for something they dreamed up. Volkl used to (might still) put a series of mounting lines on the ski based on size of the boot. This all gets to the guy above (I forget the name) who suggests Peter Keelty's method. That probably makes as much sense as any and accomodates most or all of what I've mentioned above. Double check with that method and if you're close you should be good. I also ski on Atomic and mean to play around with it but just get lost generally playing. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
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I read somewhere that a forward mount was better for groomers and turn initiation, while further back was better for float in pow. But that could be totally wrong. I dunno.
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Always wondered what logic (if any) was behind the recommended forward mounting location for women? Have always mounted 1cm forward and like the responsiveness. However, if I go to shsorter new skis with raised tails, seems like 1cm forward may have me on my nose?!? Is there any science to this?
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