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Open Fracture - Tibia and Fibula

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Well the season has come to a crashing halt.  I was skiing 3 weeks after a torn right calf muscle and doing well at Loveland on the blues.  That was the problem, I got the bright idea of going up the Ridge.  First two runs ok, then on the third, it was soft at the top/steep part (Patrol Bowl I believe it was) and a bunch of leftover avalanche debris at the bottom.  Piece of advice: Do not hit debris at 35mph : 

Loveland Ski Patrol did a magnificient job getting me off the mountain, into the ambulance and getting me to the Level One Trauma center.  I guess bone isn't supposed to stick out of the skin  

Hope everyone has had better luck than me this season.


BTW, if anyone saw me, I was windmilling - curious if anyone saw it from the lift?

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Wow, that's not good.  Hope you are ok and that you get to healing fast.  This must have been quite an ordeal and painful to say the least.


Ski  patrol - it's easy to forget how well trained and capable they really are until you are in a situation like this.

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That sounds like my worst nightmare, nomadpat: windmilling at 35 mph through avvy debris. Are you patched up and on the mend now? What's the prognosis? Any xrays you'd like to share?


How about you, PJ? Are you getting around better after your skirmish with the semi-submerged pipe and the tree? 


Question: Were either of your accidents preventable, or were they just one of those unfortunate circumstances that are inherent in the sport?

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It was scary nolo.  Estimate for full recovery is 16-20 weeks.  The first follow-up is March 4, so I'll know more then.  I'm patched up and using a walker to get around.  If I get x-rays from my follow-up, I'll post them. 


Mine was preventable in the sense that I shouldn't have been going that fast down where I was or should have turned left (near bottom of Patrol Bowl).  I was just coming off a right torn calf muscle and it was my first day back skiing.  I took the greens and blues fine but then the temptation of the Ridge called. Ironic now I have to use my right foot to hop on, the "good" leg


I think I have a new mantra for next season: Skiing is a recreational sport, not a competitive one

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Some x-rays before and after... yikes



A month after surgery

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Originally Posted by nomadpat View Post


Some x-rays before and after... yikes



A month after surgery


Deja vu!  


I can certainly sympathize with you.   If you're bored, read this.  I'm still not 100%, but I had the rod and hardware removed after it healed, and I'm OLD.



Some advice?

Stay on top of your meds while you need them.


Exercise that leg!  Leg lifts, rotate your ankles, get a belt or exercise band, lie down and slip the belt under your foot and raise your knee to your chest (or as high as you can) and extend it.    Keep that knee strong.


Follow the docs orders and don't be brave and try to do too much.


Get a shower seat and a basket for that walker. 


Anyone who has had this injury has cojones.   Hats off you to, and a very speedy recovery!


PS.  Dang, didn't see the date.  It's a month old now.  Ya still gots cojones. 

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Ouch what were you thinking man!!!  Just kidding.


Well on the bright side it appears that they really aligned your boned together well.  I have seen xrays here where things are way off and the doc told them it will fuse.....umm yeah riiiiiiiight.


Heal well and nect time take it easy for a few weeks eh?

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I had an excellent follow-up 3/30 and have been cleared to start putting pressure on the leg.  Starting with 25% and increasing by 25% each week.  I start Physical Therapy Monday and am looking forward to it- I'll treat it like a workout as I haven't done much of that in the past 7 weeks :) 

The range of motion in my knee is excellent - I can go all the way forward/back.  It was weak so I made a point of raising it during my recovery. 


Bonni, I read your thread - that sounds like a nightmare that won't end!  I was surprised they didn't do more for your pain after the initial surgery - I was given stronger stuff for a few days and percocet from there on out.  Best of luck on getting to 100% and all your ailments get healed!


Rich, you are right - the doctor was really excited about how he was able to line the bones up - he said that contributed to my great progress so far. 


Thanks for the well wishes!

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