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Center of the upindicular

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Binding mount effects?


Okay, the thread title is horrible. But I wanted to use upindicular. I dont think I spelled it correctly either.


So anyways, I didn't have much luck searching for this.
But, I am really curious to know what effects moving the center point of the boot forward or back from the ski's center point effects.

I think that this is good knowledge to have, for me at least. I did have a really hard time turning on my new skis, and it was recommended that they be mounted forward 2cm. But the guy who mounted them for me, mounted the bindings on center with the center mark on the ski.


So, if I adjust them foward 2cm, what effects will this give me?
What are the effects in general?

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rawr. =(

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After searching this "campbell balancer:www.epicski.com" on google.


I think these will give you the effect of moving the binding position.  I have mine 3cm forward of the manufacturer's center mark which puts my bof directly above the center of the ski's running surface. 


I don't know if it is the change in positoin or the instructors finally beat it into my head, but I can carve now.

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Yea. I had seen that article before I had posted, thats all I had really found. 
I was hoping for a quick somewhat technical explanation of what moving the binding around does.

I did not read all of the campbell balancer, so if it's in there, my bad for posting this thread.

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Put something flexible between to solid objects.  Prefereably at each end of the flexible object.  Press at the center of the flexible object and then various other locations.  That's what moving the binding location does.


You're changing the place of pressure so it has to vary the result.  Spring boards, drums, trampolines etc. all suffer/excell the same effect.  I would guess that is also why an archer's arrow is (I believe) dead center on the string; most rebound.

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Well, if you use that example. An arrow will not come off strait from the string due to different forces from the top and bottom.

So if you didn't split the string 50/50, you would not apply 50% force from the top and 50% from the bottom.

They are saying to far back can make it hard to turn, and such.
So, i'm really looking for the technical aspects in that sort.

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well - racers mount back of boot center position and twin tips forward.


That fact alone should tell you much of what you want to know

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I have a set of carving skis. I want easy turns and good control.
So forward I go!

Phil said 2cm forward of center line for my ski's. They are back a bit to far, so I need to move them forward. I cannot adjust them forward enough, so. gotta do something. Stupid mistake we both should have caught, but oh well.

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