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Prophet 90 and 100 length not measured the same?

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Was browsing through the ski selection at REI today and noticed something really odd.  They had a 172 Line Prophet 90 and a 172 Line prophet 100 right next to each other.  The Prophet 90 was at least an inch longer, if not 2 inches.  At first I thought maybe they had the wrong sticker on them but they both had their length stamped and printed in 2 places on the ski.  I know that not all companies measure the same, but was shocked to see such a difference between 2 similar skis from the same mfgr.  Anyone ever notice this or have any idea why they'd do this?

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No one have any thoughts on this?  Anyone who sells them ever noticed how different they're measured?  It seems like this would make either the 100 ski really short for it's stated length or the 90 ski really long, but I'm not sure which one of the two is out of whack.

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I noticed the same sort of thing at a local store here in NC, but they were k2's, same brand different model. one was a 174 other 177 same waist. put next to each other they measured the same length. Cunfused me also. i know it should have been alittle over an inch longer.

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I'm not positive but I think Line (part of K2) measures effective length not actual length.


As for the K2 difference, you were looking at a 174 from last season and a 177 from this year.  They changed their printed sizing in order to be more consistent with the rest of the market

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OK, I'll bite.  I've been fossicking around for ages trying to find out the answer to the following question and trying not to bother anyone, but time's up.  Is there anyone out there who can measure the actual length of the 186cm Prophet 90 and Prophet 100 for me?  Not the material length around the curve of the ski (which is how many twin tips are measured) but the actual height of the skis as they stand on end.  And, while we're at it, can anyone have a stab at the running length of both skis as well?

As an example, the Mojo 94 in 187cm has an actual length of 185cm and a running length of 162.5cm, which is an remarkable difference, but easily explained when you take the tips into account.

Oh!  And while I'm being a greedy data ho, if anyone has that same information for the Gotama (in 190), the Nordica Enforcer (185cm), the Watea 94 (186cm), the Volkl Bridge (185cm) and the Mantra (184cm) as well I will be eternally grateful.  I promise I'll post the research some time when I'm done.  You've got to see the number of skis I've researched coming into summer down here.

Many, many thanks.
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prophet 90 186 - I measure around 184 tip to tip
watea 94 - 183.5

both last years model
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