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TR Plattekill 2/21/09

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Got my Powder Alert Friday night around 10pm. Plattekill received 14" to 16" between Thursday and Friday. Made a last second decision as I went to bed to get up early and head out solo. No traffic and no snow on the ground, not even much new snow on the ground at Bellyare either, made the turn towards Arkville and there is some new snow, then need to put the pickup truck in 4x4 on the access road to Plattekill approximately a 3 mile drive that gets snowier the whole way. Arrive at the mountain, geared up and on the lift by 9:15, no lines and lots of snow. First run over the boot shin deep snow on Blockbuster, (we call it Bushwhacker), but that's another story.


Blockbuster..(bushwhacker)....deep piles everywhere


Below...fresh snow on the Plunge under the chair


lower section of Plunge.....


Skied not stop laps from 9:15 to 12:30, never waited in line and needed the rest on the lift ride up, it was a thigh burning day. By 12:30 I could not turn anymore and knew it was time to head home. I forgot how much skiing you get in when you ski by yourself. After 3 hours of no stop runs off the Plunge chair my legs were done, I think the snow obviously had something to do with it. 

Around 10ish as things started to get skied, it was getting scratchy underneath, still plenty of snow to be had, you just had to ski tighter lines along the edges. The groomed trails were in GREAT condition and held up nicely, though I prefer the fluff on plunge and bushwhacker , by the end of my day, high speed GS turns were all my legs could take.

It was great to see Plattekill buzzing, all parking lots were packed, saw lots of people with two day passes. Plattekill needs days like this. Even on their busiest day you ski right onto the chair. Looking forward to this coming Friday for another day of laps.

No traffic, and at the local bar by 2:30 (Orange Lantern). 1 hour 45 min each way.

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Nice TR.  I was there Sat and Sunday with the family and it was great!  Blockbuster (Bushwacker--who forgot to do some summer pruning?), Plunge, Freefall, Twist were all great, and the trees skied well through the weekend.  Got my kids into the trees for the first time and they both now are confirmed powder junkies--my daughter said "I love skiing when you can't hear your skis"  Was going to make it up for Friday, which I heard was also great, but windy and cold. However broke a tooth Thursday and had to go to the dentist.

      Sunday it snowed all day long and just kept getting better.  I didn't stop off at the OL after, but do know where it is as I grew up in Ridgewood.  See you on the slopes sometime. 

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I was there both Sat/Sun.doing a Ski Patrol clinic.

Awesome conditions.

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