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Some feedback and photos from the gathering so far.  Please add on and fill in names.


The kids did the morning session of the BK Ski Academy.  6 year old boy might go again tomorrow.  5 year old girl didn't do well at all


Mom was pretty bored and kids were needy after skiing.  We didn't cut corners, but the lodge appears very brown bag friendly.  Most places have signs that say "You must buy food here to eat here"  BK has the opposite.


Here's part of the gang that skied together most of the morning:







I'd say I tore it up, but it actually tore me up more.


Well, I do recall being warned!



I took a couple NASTAR runs since the line was short.  Course was pretty icy by the time I did it.  Alas, I was only worthy of bronze


I checked the oil on the way back to the motel and noticed a small crack on top if my radiator oozing some tiny bubbles.  It isn't running hot, and the coolant doesn't look low.. YET.  I picked up a gallon of 50/50 to have handy and hope to make it home tomorrow afternoon without incident so I can get it in the shop this week. 



I'll only be skiing the morning session tomorrow so I'll need to pass the Smashes to you early.


See you all tomorrow morning





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