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Volkl Attiva Sol vs Nordica Olympia Drive

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 Could anyone offer a comparison of these models?  I am a level 6-7, 5'2" 125lb.  Ski in PNW, about 20-30 times per year.  I really enjoy carving (small and large turns) and a lively feel.  I am looking to improve on steeper stuff and plan to take lessons to accomplish this.  I do not like K2 skis as they seem to lack energy.  I have tried the Tierra and liked it but it was too much ski for me.   I have looked at the Victory but it seems quite stiff/heavy/burly.  Any comments would be highly appreciated.


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Hi!  I am actually trying to make the same decision.  I am pretty similiar to you (except you are way skinnier and get to ski more :) ).  Did you end up making a decision?

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I keep going back and forth.  Now I'm considering the Salomon Opal as well.   

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While the Oly Victory is IMO the best of the women's expert level skis, it is fairly heavy. It actually has a bit softer flex than the Tierra but still might be more ski than you need. The Drive will have plenty of energy but is possibly stiffer than it needs to be as well. The Salomon might be the best choice that you have been thinking of so far but I have another suggestion for you.


I feel that a reasonably undiscovered model, the Fischer Vision Vapor; is possibly the best value going in Women's skis. The Vapor is exceptionally well balanced in flex vs torsion and is very light. I test women's skis each year and I'm highly impressed by the Vapor. Our shop is in the mountains of the Tahoe region and we get a lot of demo traffic. While several other skis are asked for more often, the Vapor gets unanimous approval from women that try it. This is an under publicized and under appreciated ski.



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 SJ, you need to do something with your avatar.  


That said, I agree with your post and advice completely.


While I love my Blizzards and Harts, I see a wider range of sweet spot with the Nordica line, and I see tons of ski divas on the Fischers

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SJ, you need to do something with your avatar. 



With my WHAT.....................




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Thanks for the replies.  I have read lots of good reviews on the Vapors.  The place where I ski has the Breeze for demo.  I didn't like it.  It seemed (for lack of a better word) flimsy.  Definitely seems like the Vapor would be a better fit in terms of stability.  

I tried the Exclusive Legend (not powder) 158cm...pretty good, especially in deeper snow and stability.  Carving (short turns) and energy just ok.   Tried the Cloud 9 and liked it, carved short turns nicely--flexed easily but not wimpy, good energy.  Didn't get a chance to try it in the chopped up stuff though.

My main concern with the Opal is that it would be too soft like the Breeze.  I am improving on steeper slopes & currently taking lessons.  Fear gets in the way of me committing to my turns in this terrain at times.

Thanks again everyone.  This can be frustrating as some skis are hard to find for demo.

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Hi - If you're concerned about flimsy, but the Tierras were too much, pretty narrow envelope. I'd try the Drives; my 130 lb high intermediate wife really liked them in 162. Or the Blizzard Viva 7.6's are getting strong reviews. Drives will be smooth and want some, ah, driving, the Vivas will feel like a lighter, quicker Volkl. Both will be more substantial feeling than the Fischers, but not overwhelmingly so. 

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Thanks for the input everyone.  Today I skied the Volkl Attiva Sol (156cm) and loved it.  Anyone who has skied the Volkl Tierra and liked it but thought it was a bit too much should try the Sol.   Quick edge to edge, holds VERY well, easy to turn.  Has a speed limit but I'm fine with it.  More nimble (although a little less stable) than the Dynastar Exclusive Legend (158cm).  Just my impressions.  

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I own a paif of Attiva Sols and I love them. I found the skis responded to almost any condition, espcially well in crud and ice. The skis are easy to control, not too heavy and the turn radius is good. I ski at various speeds on various hills and the skis have been great throughout. I am 5'2, heavy set and my Sols are 154/6.
I am currently looking at this years Attiva line for a shorter length but a little more advanced.
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