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Q: Hestra Heli glove liners and balm treatment

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OK, it was time to replace my deep-snow days gauntlet gloves, so I went with the Hestra Heli ( I love my Vertical Cuts for all other days, so I figured Hestra will also do a great job on the gauntlet-style).   Got the gloves yesterday, so here is a  couple of questions:

1. Does anyone know where I can get an extra liner or a less warm liner for those  gloves? The removable liner seems to be a great idea for drying them out, but it will be nice to have a spare in case I cannot dry them in time. 


2.  Any tips on how to waterproof them with the included balm? It looks like the leather has already been treated, so I imagine that the balm is for future use, is it true?   


3. How waterproof are they in your experience (the rating on the fabric is only 5,000).  I didn;t go with the XCR becuase I wanted the removable liner.


Thanks in advance, 





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1) Order spare liners for a reasonable price through Hestra's site. I believe fulfillment ends up routing through a dealer via Shopatron IIRC


2) Use the balm ASAP. The leather is a sponge without it. Search here, TGR, etc for discussions. The short version is slather it on & put the gloves in a warm place (say under a warm desk lamp or gentle kitchen warming lights) for a day or so. Pay extra attention to the leather seams. When you use them, note where the leather wets & then slather some balm on there & put in a warm place again. After 2-3 times, they will by nicely waterproof/water resistant. BTW - when you order your extra liners, order a spare tub of balm. You do not want to skimp on it.


3) In my experience, once they are treated, these gloves are mighty water resistant. And that includes pretty wet days. 

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By the way, do you have to treat the RSL Comp gloves as well?  I always assumed that since they were made with goat leather, they were naturally waterproof.  I have a about three years of heavy use on them and so far the leather has stayed supple and nice (I don't use them much in wet weather- this is what the gauntlet gloves are for). 




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I am not familiar w/ those gloves. The Hestra models I've used (primarily the Heli) have come with the goo/balm & the leather has seemed to appreciate the stuff.


But like I said, I don't know the RSL, so no meaningful specific advice to offer. Maybe someone else...


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My Heli gloves didn't come with balm.  I apply Nikwax generously and rub it in well at the beginning of the season and that seems to keep the leather pretty well waterproofed for about a year.

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Hestra recommends that all of their leather be treated with the leather balm before use.  Leather is inherently water-proof (you don't see cows getting soaked through their skin do you?) but the gloves do much better with the treatment.  The balm helps seal the seams, and conditions the leather.


As for liners, Hestra makes a few different liners that might work for you, give them a call

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