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As I mentioned before, i've had both shoulders done. Even if you do everything you're supposed to do, therapy and exercise, it's 6 months before you feel normal. At least that was it for me.
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 6 mths looks like event horizon to new life!  thanks folks

anyone found collarbone, muscles within it and neck of wounded and repaired hence healing shoulder side hurt like hell, its as if that part is compensating and hence really sore..this entire thing is becoming embarassing..frankly..
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just noticed this post and was struck by the similarity.  I screwed up my shoulder at the end of march with a hard high speed fall while training.  (actually continued skiing thru the end of season  fighting the pain barrier and "busted wing" effect which had a weird impact on balance)  
X-rays showed no initial damage but when recovery was not progressing after a couple of months got MRI which showed rotator cuff tendon damage. I am fortunate in that living in Snow country I found an orthopod with extensive sports injury experience

Got the op last Thursday and when they were in they found the bicep tendon was also unattached so they nailed that down as well.  Got to say pain has not really been bad so far and just about off the painkillers (I never like being on them).  Hardest part is not being able to shower so just as well for my team I am working from home this week!  Seeing the doc tomorrow to get the dressing removed so will see what the prognosis is. Prior to the op he had told me should be no problem being fully fit and racing again this winter.  May use some extra armor on that shoulder tho!

Currently expecting to be in a sling for 4 weeks then PT so will be interesting to see how long it takes to get back to normal.  PT gets harder to maintain when I am normally travelling 4-5days a week so that will be another challenge but at least under my control.

Will keep you posted on progress
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Scot - good luck, trust your recovery will be less painful than mine.
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Thanks Dusty, going OK so far.  Back on teh road this week without too many problems Been very little pain from the surgery but getting back pain from teh sling!.  See the doc again in 10 days so hoepfully get all clear to start PT.  i am guessing that is going to be painful!!
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 Just wondering what the cost was for MRI and surgery- looking at that myself. pre-existing condition so no insurance. looking at europe, Mexico, India- anyone been there for this surgery?

Appreciate any comments
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I was searching the web... and saw your forum... I live in the south.. no snow... but, just had the same surgery 9/10.  I wanted to thank you for the information....all you said is happening to me. I shouldn't of waited so long to get the surgery...10 stitches to pull the muscle and screwed down with 2 screws.  I waited about 6 years with pain...I did the shots, Vit M, and therapy. I am scared to bust it open again too.  I'm a scuba diver, fisher(women) and work with my husband as a Trim Carpenter.... Crown Molding is a killers for bad shoulder... my closed MRI was 475.00... I don't know yet how much the surgery cost.Be sure you have the insurance in place before going.  Thank again for the information... I guess I'm not being a baby about it... I wanted to be spearing fish by now!..

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My recieved my surgery bill today...not the Doctor... just the Hospital bill.... 39,812.00 plus 475. MRI.. haven't recieved the Doctor or the PT... wow...I had the Torn Rotor Cuff surgery
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Originally Posted by Cindie Kennedy View Post

 Just wondering what the cost was for MRI and surgery- looking at that myself. pre-existing condition so no insurance. looking at europe, Mexico, India- anyone been there for this surgery?

Appreciate any comments


here are my comments:
1.  insurance may cover pre-existing conditions; like the policy I have. if yours doesn't, get some that does.

2.  I have never heard of anyone going to a foreign country to save money on this type of surgery, and I'm not sure that it would.  There are some people that do this for teeth and phony cancer cures; and the results are at best mixed, often disastrous.  I wouldn't even consider it, or believe anyone who told me otherwise.   The surgery has enough uncertainty as it is, so you don't need to add other unknowns about training, standards, and/or quality of care, of some other country.  Just my opinion.

3. you don't just order yourself a MRI first and fly off and get surgery - go see a doctor and get treated.  Surgery is frequently a last resort after other treatments - such as rest, NSAIDs, PT, and steroid injection - do not work - AND after you have given them enough time to work (up to several years).  Or, surgery may be needed initially, depending on the severity of the injury and other factors.  There is also significant recovery time after surgery, as earlier posts discuss.
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