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Over exposure on the Daily Deals?

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When I first learned of SAC I thought it was cool.

It was ONE deal for the whole day.  Period!

Then they changed to hourly deals,

Then Whiskeymalitia....

Then the reincarnation with Tramdock,  .......add, chainlove, bonktown and now Brociety.


The sincerity of the Daily Deal, or even the Hourly Deal is a bit over saturated, eh?

Its really not a deal an hour if they have 6 options with a deal an hour, and its lost the SAC vibe that I used to get excited to check out.


C'mon, BROciety?



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Their spammy totally non related email titles are rather lame as well.

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I'll only say this once.


SAC is the best thing to happen to skiing since... the chair lift.  Or the T bar.  Or the safety binding.  Or the shaped ski.




SAC / BackCountry rocks.  I have bought SO MUCH gear through them, and the best part: I feel great about spending my money there.  Their customer service is great, shipping is fast, they have a very solid site...


I'm a B-School student, and I have to give those guys major props for running a great business.  Yeah, the Brociety thing is kinda funny, but if it makes them more money, more power to them.  An added bonus to me is that it keeps the freaking FUGLY snowboarding gear off my sites (SAC and Tramdock), so I don't have to look at any more awful-looking fad-fashion.  


BackCountry, along with Newegg, are literally creating entirely new online business models with solid customer service as a core competency.  Way better than Woot (started the trend, but worthless).


Can't say enough great things about them...

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Yeah, I tend to agree (to an extent) with Reisen.  Sure the concept has proliferated but to those of us looking for great deals on ski stuff, Tramdock and SAC are the shizz =) 


Woot is still cool too IMHO.

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Hey, I love those sites so much that I started making apps to track them!  My latest app is for the iPhone/iPod (it's called ODAT Tracker and just got listed on iTunes the other day).  I was sitting in the Jackson Hole airport the other morning waiting for my flight home, saw a great ski deal pop up on Tramdock, and bought right from my iPhone without typing a single character.  So it's finally happened, the deals are going straight into the device in my right pocket, and then sucking $$ out of the wallet in my left pocket.  Don't even need to be at my computer anymore.


I do think these sites can be dangerous and you need to have some restraint.  I sometimes find myself stocking up on gear that sits in my ski closet.  I think I have two headlamps and an extra pair of goggles up there right now, maybe more that I am forgetting about.  Some stuff I use as Christmas gifts, others will wait until current gear wears out.


I agree with Reisen, they are a great company.  I've always gotten great service from them when something goes wrong.  Their return policy is the best in the business, and I wish more merchants were as reasonable.  They stand behind the stuff they sell.

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So I was reading this thread and I had no idea what you were talking about.


So I checked out the sites and now have some new fancy bookmarks for firefox. :P


I wish there was a google desktop widget for em, that'd be wicked.

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 This is crakin me up!

Yeah, its a great business platform.

I'm just wondering what will be their next "new" hourly deal site.

Maybe one for socks


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at least they make it easy to keep track with "GearAttack.com"....all the sites and the deals in one easy place...



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