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An Internet Based Ski Coaching and Learning Community

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Originally posted by nolo:
I don't want to get off on a tangent, but it has occurred to me that this gathering of the Bears in 2003 could be the bleeding edge of a new thing or phenomenon: the self-organizing clinic. It could be the answer to the age-old question of how to make coaching more attractive to intermediate and advanced skiers.

Ya think?
I would like to pick up on this idea as it fits in well with some of the innovation in the organization of ski coaching and instruction I have advocated for. I can readily see developing such a community based on this forum where people have access to their coaches for questions and discussion. They would then have numerous options for on-slope contact:

1) Regularly scheduled camps where numerous coaches and learners from the community attend.

2) Individual travels to various resorts where members can work with Epic coaches.

3) Local coaching for those fortunate enough to be near one of the Epic coaches.

One of the things that would really make this stand out would be to have some commonality in approach and methods although this may be extremely difficult with such a diverse group. I know, let's just have everyon follow the PMTS manual.

Anyway, I think Nolo is really onto something here.

So how about it, anyone else think the Barking Bears Ski School is a good idea?
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I think the
sounds better!

After all, isn't that what every body wants out of it? An "epic" experience?

: : :
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[quote]Originally posted by vail snopro:
[QB]I think the
sounds better!

After all, isn't that what every body wants out of it? An "epic" experience?

Agreed, especially since I usually try pretty hard NOT to look like a bear! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

But here's a thought. I am right now typing on a laptop which I won from a company that was marketing their "online personal training" service.

Many people here post videos, which people like to analyze. But some of "us" might not feel comfortable doing that. And there may be others who want a more in depth analysis from a specific instructor.

What if there were a way to periodically send a video via Private Message to specific pros. A set fee could be established, with a commission given to AC to cover the costs of bandwidth.


As far as something like the proposed Utah clinic becoming a phenomena throughout the industry, hmmmmm...

The situation on Epic Ski is pretty unique. You read an instructor's explanation of a given task, and you might think, hey, if this is so clear in writing, can you imagine what it would be like to have a "live" lesson from this person.

One of the reasons the Camp idea is getting such good feedback, is that most people realize we have many, many excellent pros on this forum. So its not just a question of setting up something with one or two of them, we really have enough great teachers for all levels of skiers, if everyone can just figure out a date! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Why do you want commonality on approach and methods? One of the things I like about EpicSki is seeing different ways of teaching.
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Let me clarify. When I stated that I certainly wasn't thinking about people using the same approach. However, if one coach is not familiar with and understand another's philosophy and approach it is very easy to find a learner getting confused by what appears to be conflicting methods. This gets worse if one coach has disagreement with another's approach. Thus, what I really meant was that there needs to be understanding and communication between coaches so that one can effectively build on another's efforts. This building of coaching efforts is further enhance with SOME commonality in approaches. In the very best circumstances there is a proper balance between common and different elements of approach. One of the exciting things about the concept of an "Epic Ski Academy" is that the discussions here provide opportunity to work out and fine tune that balance.

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I love your idea of using student video to give a virtual lesson over the Internet. Unfortunately, I think we will need to get better streaming before that will be a practical option. It takes a great deal of persistence to get your video on-line.

I finally gave up after several failed attempts to get my well-within-the-size-limit clips uploaded. I sent the stuff to dchan, and I think he's given up too.

In a year, this will probably be standard procedure on epicski.

Anyway, it's a darn good idea.
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But in the shorter term, I don't see why actual video tapes can't be sent via snail mail to various individuals. You decide whose comments you want, send them a tape, they supply feed back.

Any $$ arrangements you make would be purely between yourself and the viewer.

At least it would be a start!

HMM-. The "EPIC SKI ACADEMY". This is sounding better all the time!

Come to think of it, could this become the replacement for the now extinct Snow Country Ski Schools, which were offered at various times and locations around the country. Originally staffed by current and former D-Team members, it was open to the public.

And with the interest around the country in specialized camp programming, this might be the wave of the future for serious skiers. The answer to the high level skier doldrums, re: lessons.

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Sno pro, that was actually my original thought awhile ago. Anyway, its something for you folks to look into to.
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"Epic Ski Academy" works for me! Gee, it rhymes and everything! And it describes what we're shooting for:

Epic--"Surpassing the usual or ordinary... heroic and impressive in quality: '... that epic atmosphere, the extra amperage of a special moment' (Scott Turow)."--American Heritage Dictionary

We do have the opportunity to do what has never really been done: create an extraordinary ski experience that is completely determined from the start by the desires of those who will participate. I agree with Nolo that this could be the cutting edge of great things to come!

For those who are seriously interested in this "Epic Ski Academy" and have not yet done so, please reply to the POLL (click here) and add any other feedback, suggestions, ideas, and desires in the accompanying thread.


Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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One of the things that would really make this stand out would be to have some commonality in approach and methods...
I think Si means continuity.

What would be great would be for the epic coach who reviews an epic member's video to hook up with the epic member's "real-time" coach and collaborate on epic member's progress. Sort of like the noveau medicine model where the Internet is used to facilitate communication between a patient's team of physicians or anyone's wellness team--pharmacy, outpatient clinic, specialist, family doctor, dentist, etc.

Let's get the shop, manufacturer, resort, coaches, physical trainer, etc. all working FOR YOU!

Heck, why stop there: Let's turn the whole industry on its head!
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Thanks Nolo, exactly - continuity.

Bob, not only AN experience but a continuing environment and community that gives skiers a unique opportunity to work on their skiing and develop both on and off the slopes. I would love to work towards seeing this grow into a more formalized year round effort. I know this already happens to some extent here on Epic but I think the potential to build on this is great.
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Hey! Never underestimate the power of internet organized events! Every year, we take our greyhound to a Greyhound Gathering at Dewey Beach Delaware. This started as small event organized by a bunch people from an internet forum. There are now hundreds of participants, and you don't want to know how many dogs!
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I think it is a great idea.
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I've suddenly got this mental image of a caravan (trailer in US-ese) being dragged around the US, a wireless net receiver on the roof, and out of every window, bits of ski instructors sticking out, and it's racing off to the next hill, possibly a flashing light going off, too.
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Hey Ant,

I think you've got most of the vision but you forgot the skier being towed behind on roller skis who is working on reducing tip lead. Waste not - want not.
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Oh yes, and guys hanging out of the windows, yelling advice to him. Several disagree and a fight breaks out (bits of the caravan skin burst out). Meanwhile, the evil Harable Hob follows in a flashy red car, subverting their advice and tempting the skiier to forget all about tip lead and abandon the wedge forever, all he has to do is pledge eternal allegience.
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I think Hob is actually caught in a Spiderman syndrome. His methods are really pretty effective but his approach leads some people to distrust him and think he must be on the side of evil.

P.S. Not trying to get too serious here but I don't want to leave a misconception. He strongly advocates tip lead reduction and his methods work effectively towards this. [img]smile.gif[/img]

[ May 24, 2002, 05:55 AM: Message edited by: Si ]
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I like where this idea is heading! I'd like EpicSki to be involved and will be happy to help in any way possible.

Originally posted by Lisamarie:
What if there were a way to periodically send a video via Private Message to specific pros. A set fee could be established, with a commission given to AC to cover the costs of bandwidth.
Lisa, this is already possible. The same way you link to a video clip or photo in a thread, you can link to a clip in a PM -- the clip does not have to be hosted on EpicSki (as SCSA and Pinhead's were not) and it does not affect EpicSki bandwidth at all.
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Yeah, but you should get some sort of commision just for hosting the site, don't ya' think?
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Just had another thought! You could do a separte continuing education section for instructors. check out http://www.ptonthenet.com

It features articles and mini videos from the very top specialists in Sports Medicine. There is a monthly membership fee to belong, but if you put together all the information recieved, you would pay thousands buying the various books and videos. Each month new content is added.

What would be crucial, is that the writng only comes from people who have recieved expert status in your industry. Although Personal Training on the Net leans more towards functional training, they do feature traditionalists such as Mel Siff.

The same thing could apply here. Get Lito and Harald to do some articles, as well as Ron Le Master and others. I'm not sure how payment for writers is worked out, but that's a minor detail.

BTW, these guys started as a very small business in some resort town in Austraila, and they have survived the "dot com" fallout!
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This sounds like a GREAT idea...

My husband could really learn a lot for all of you, since he will not listen to me. Heck, even I could learn a lot for you guys.
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I was thinking of this about a year ago.

I think there's a nice, small business model to be had. The proof of concept is really already there.

You'd have to charge for it though. So now the question is, "Here's what we're thinking of charging, would you pay it"?

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