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Congratulations Winners!

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In case you missed it, we're running a contest this month for "best three reviews" of ski areas or equipment (gear). Last week (Feb. 9-15) we awarded two grand prizes of $100 gift certificates to Backcountry.com to -- ta dum! --


reducedfatoreo and Mordy07


Each week our panel of judges will reward the quality contributions of anyone submitting at least three reviews during the period. If you qualify, you will be entered automatically in the contest. See contest rules for more information.

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In case you missed the link, its been hiding on the right for the last three weeks.



Good job on the reviews and keep them coming.

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How do people see the winning entries?

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Go to reducedfatoreo's and Mordy07's home pages and look at their lists--the items with stars indicate reviews.

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Completing the winner's circle for the remaining three weeks of the contest--


Winners for week 2, February 16-22 were:

kelly001 Grand Prize Two Deer Valley lift tickets

gnarlito Runner-up Backcountry,com beanie


Winners for week 3, February 23-March 1 were:

TJKelly42 Grand Prize Two Squaw Valley lift tickets

kelly001 Runner-up, Backcountry.com water bottle


Winners for week 4, March 2-8 were:

majortato Grand Prize 2 tickets to Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, Norquay

crudaddict Runner-up Backcountry.com t-shirt


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Originally Posted by nolo View Post


Go to reducedfatoreo's and Mordy07's home pages and look at their lists--the items with stars indicate reviews.


I'm feeling the pressure now to finish up those other reviews I've had stewing on the backburner!


Not sure if I deserved the win, but I'm extremely grateful! Thanks to all who contribute and help run Epicski–I'll be doing my best to return the favor and further enrich the site!

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So, what do you think of contests? Should we do more of them?

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Contests from the chance-of-winning side are awesome, but did it accomplish what you guys were looking for? Did tons of reviews spring up as a result of the incentive? If so, then I vote yes to having more contests!

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I think we did pretty good as far as getting people to write reviews, and the winners are all planning trips to use their tickets, which also is good, especially if they write more reviews!

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