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!$(#&$#&$ Wool.

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Anyone else starting to think that wool is a _bad_ thing to wear while scraping wax?


!&#*$#@ wax wisps sticking everywhere.

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That's one reason I keep a shop vac handy, wear a nylon top with one of these:


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No better or worse than a fleece vest - but at least fleece is easier to clean! 

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or one of these.

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Wool likes wax.


honestly, you could probably use a nice wool cloth to buff your ski's, like you would use horse hair brush.

You'd have to make sure it was a more abrasive wool, and not a fine wool. 25+microns.

I don't recall getting any wax on me while scraping my ski's. I got wax everywhere else though. heh.

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Merino wool is so superior to fleece for a base and mid layer. In fleece you're hot or cold. Merino regulates temprature many times better. Generally I work in cotton.

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Thanks for digging up this old thread, I'd almost forgotten about it.


Generally I work in wool with a cotton top, since that's what my slacks and shirt  are.

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I live in merino wool all year long

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Originally Posted by sohasm67 View Post

I live in merino wool all year long

*has a mental pic of a sunbathing sheep with 1980's style Vuarnets on*


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