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Bump runs at Deervalley

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Can anyone name some good bump runs at deervalley to learn on? THANKS

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Check out the bumps under the red cloud/quincy express lifts.  Or, there are some easier ones near the bottom portion of the northside express.

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I am just starting to head down black bump runs this year, so I still put myself squarely in the learning category of mogul skiing.  Once I got over being visually intimidated by it, I thought the runs in Empire Bowl, Conviction, Solace, Domingo and further down, Buckeye, were very good places to work on/learn bump skiing.

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Can anyone name some good bump runs at deervalley to learn on? THANKS


The only green mogul run I know of:  Little Bell. It is actually a great place to learn bumps.  It is only about 200 to 300 yards long, but you can lap it from the Carpenter lift.  Have fun. 

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I don't know if it differs from year to year, but when we were there the whole area under the Empire chair was great learning bumps (wide slope, good shapes, relatively small).  Other than that, just look around.  I thought that all the bumps at Deer Valley were surprisingly nice -- i.e., very few cut up irregular ones.


That was where my son started skiing bumps.

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Deer Valley hosts / instructors can also help you out with this.  Most bump lines there tend to be skied by pretty decent bumpers, so that helps.


The Expert tour (9:30 - 12 noon) covers quite a bit of acreage, and probably could point out the bumps even if you dont ski them while on the tour.



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Try the bumps right before you hit Stein's Way.  They are short and not too steep. 



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These are the bumps under the Empire chair in Feb 2006.

In fact, that is my son learning to ski them in the center of the pic.


He is now taller than me and as good a skier as I am.



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I was there a few weeks ago--there were definitely not those well formed bumps under empire--more like crud.  I guess it varies.


For me, the best bumps were under red cloud/quincy express.

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