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Civilized family skiing anywhere 3rd week of April ??

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Feb went by without a trip getting planned.  Next school vaca is April 21-24.


We're in the Boston area, have a 7yo kid, and, although I like some adventurous skiing, the wife and kid need civilized blues and greens, slope-side lodging, and some stuff to do besides skiing (a nice pool and a village with a place to sip cappucinnos is fine).


I ski east as late as mid-April every season but it is indeed a crap-shoot.  Sunday River and Sugarloaf might be in full operation with awesome skiing or there might be five trails of slush left.  The wife also doesn't like spring conditions that much.


I'm wondering just what it would cost and whether it would be worth it to go west or if we should just wait til next Feb. 


I know Snowbird is open.  Funny thing is the PSIA spring rally is that week.  I'm PSIA but the wife and kid aren't.  Would be wierd being at a mountain with all the other PSIA members and not skiing with them.  I checked the Alta web site and Beaver Creak web site and they are closed by then.


So is there anything worth flying to from Boston that wouldn't break the bank?


If not, I guess we could play it by ear and go east coast if the conditions are good or maybe just save our money for next feb.


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A couple of thoughts:


1 - Quebec City -- Le Massif and Mt Ste Anne.  I don't know how late in the season they stay open but like all the east coast I'm sure they've gotten good cover to date.  Both have plenty of green and blue cruising plus any level of challenge you might want at the upper end.  MSA has slopeside if that's important.   You can drive from Boston in about the time it takes for many trips out west, plus lower cost and no rental car when you get there. Also I haven't checked lately but last I heard the Canadian dollar had dropped to where you can save some scratch going north.


2 - I hear California is currently getting hammered.  Any flights to Reno or Sacramento from Boston?  Tahoe area is an easy drive from either airport, and Sugar Bowl, closest to Sac, has a good family rep.    Mammoth if you want to drive -- reports 368" to date and is open late.


3 - My current fantasy for an April 2010 trip is Banff / Lake Louise area.  No real info so I'm curious if others could weigh in -- I would imagine Canadian Rockies hold snow later in the season than U.S.

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Sunshine Village in Banff is incredible. We stayed on the mountain - so direct ski-in-out, very convenient and nice place to stay. Good for my son (he had just turned 5, started his pole use there, and was designated a Black Runner by end of the week) and me, since he was getting better (way better now) and I was learning. Banff is a nice town, and I hear Lake Louise is wonderful but usually much more snow in Sunshine than in Louise in 3rd week of April. Video below made by a friend was the last week of April08.






1st 9 secs are catamount, ny


Sunshine Village Inn staff were very good with my son and food on the mountain was surprisingly good.


This year, going over Easter to Lech-Zurs Austria (funny thing is it seems less expensive than anywhere decent out west or Alberta!) Kid lift tickets for 6 days in Arlberg are 10 EUR (no kidding) and for adults are 190 EUR - all for 6 days. Let's hope the govt can prevent nationalization so we can actually take this trip!

here are some weblinks:





we are staying in oberlech:



got tremendous advice on this forum about choice of locale: check out these threads - folks on this board helped out immeasurably.











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Fwiw...might check out Big Sky's(near Bozeman, MT) conditions.  IMO a great place, bigtime snow...a couple over on SundayRiver website took a trip out there.....some info.  Great snow(usually)..non-steeply pitched trees are great for kids...I've found.  Agree with ts01 on Massif and Ste. Anne.


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Is Big Sky going to be open that late?  Not according to their website.  They close 4/12 and that seems about normal as I recall.


You need to go to higher altitudes for later closings.

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Try Europe.


(Zermatt, Tignes, Val Thorens, and Verbier are the first 4 that come to mind)

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I went to Quebec City area last week of Mar 08 and conditions were exceptionally good, but three weeks later might be pushing it, esp IF it's a more normal spring for snow (last yr was a record breaker).  Check to make sure MSA and LeM aren't scheduled to close by then, regardless of snow.  I went to Summit County, CO in 2nd week of Apr 07 and conditions were great, but it was last week of ops at some places.  For your 2009 dates A-basin and Loveland would be open, Breck maybe.  I've been pretty lucky with Apr lately and may return to Colorado again the week before your 2009 dates.  No crowds, mild temps, sometimes late snow storms.  Sort of ghost-towny, like going to the shore in September, good for quality family time without frenzy.

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