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Binding for Fischer SC

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I have been told my old bindings (bought in '97-98 season) are too wide for the booster plate as they will need to be screwed very close to the edge and might not hold. They have suggested Salomon 711ps. I am 5'11, 205lbs and ski agressively. Is this enough binding for me? I do not race so I do not want to pay for something I do not need. I see on ebay they have salomon 900s equipe for a good price. Will this binding fit the SC ski? Should I be looking for another brand of binding? I did not buy the ski from the shop so I am also wondering if they are trying to make a sale from me.
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What is your current binding, and which Fischer SC is it?
If you check out the Fischer site, you'll see they are currently doing rebadged Salomons. It used to be Markers. If you speak to a shop that sells Fischer skis, and check their advice.

Hope this helps.

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Id go with the S900 on ebay, or an S914 from a shop. the salomon spacer bindings should fit on that plate perfectly. Is it the model with vertical sidewalls or is it the model with the cap construction and the booster plate??
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Just wanted a reply so I had to refresh this topic.

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It is the model with cap construction and booster plate.
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According to the Fischer rep at our shop info night the other day, the SC acutally is a sandwich vertical sidewall construction with a plate on top. I found it interesting, as not many skis these days have any sort of sandwich construction, unless they are pure race stock.

I would mount 9-14's on that ski as to negate lift. SC's optionally come with the 9-14 if you order the skis on Pro or VIP form, so that should tell you something. If you have a big boot (330mm or larger sole) Marker's (9.1 or 9.2's) might be a problem, as the tail screw that keeps the plate together has a cutout, which is almost as wide as the screw mounting width for Marker. The mounting holes fall to the edge of the cutout and the screws would surely rip out under stress.
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Watch out getting S900s on eBay. Some people are selling Team Equipe models which are made for junior racers. The DIN looks good but there are problems with the toe fitting adult male boots. Also, there are a lot of ProPulse models available. I actually like that model but many people didn't like the extra weight they added to the ski.
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