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Place to buy large ski poster

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My first post here guys. This looks like a technical forum but I though you guys may have an idea where to find some good ski posters. I'm looking for something big to hang in my living room. Probably at least 36 x 48 - like something you see in ski shops. Google hasn't been very helpful to me so far.


Thanks for any suggestions!

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Like your name. Welcome.


Visit those ski shops and ask if they have any extra posters laying around that you could buy or maybe trade for a 12 pack. I used to work in a shop and we had those things laying all over, the ones we didn't put up anyhow. If not, then visit them at the end of the year or the beginning of the next as all the reps will be bringing in new posters. Usually the shop guys get first crack at the good ones. That's where the 12 pack of their favorite brew comes in handy.


Know what I mean?

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Thanks Lars.


It's amazing how well a 12 pack can work. That's a good suggestion. I'll ask next time I'm in a shop. There's a lot of cool Obermeyer ones in two of my local shops.

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I could get you this one -


It was sorta borderline to hang in the locker room so it somehow found its way into the men's bathroom  and resided there until a few weeks ago.  I think someone took it home.  My Regional Manager offered to replace it.


Need some flashy gloves??????   hint, hint



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Alpentech in Salt Lake City sells scenic posters of the Wasatch through their website. They are high-resolution, perspective-view aerial photos.



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I'd love it. I think my wife would frown upon it though... 

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Cool satellite photos of the big resorts. Just buy the poster and then buy a nice cheap frame at a local store.


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Good suggestions so far - keep 'em coming! I'll continue to fill wall space. My office needs something too!

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Google for "ski posters" comes up with:

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 why not contact one of the great ski photogs like lee cohen or scott markewitz , they may give you a one time license of a large their images are spectacular

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Wow, hadn't seen a lot of these posters before, thanks.

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I found this today


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I used to hang trail maps in my room at my parent's house of all the resorts I visited.  Someday I plan to commission  Kinkos to print out large posters of trail maps of those same places, and the ones I've been to since so I can frame them and hang them.   You can get large size images, big enough to print at least 8X 11 pretty easily online.  Maybe you could put several in one large poster sized frame, say Summitt County in a frame, Aspen resorts in a frame, Vermont in a frame, etc..?

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